Innovative Ways to Promote Your Brand Using Custom Signs

Finding new customers, suppliers, distributors, and even investors are all about catching their attention. Anyone who can help your business growth needs to get a strong first impression of your business, that will last. Custom signs can help you achieve that impression. In fact, as a sign company in North Carolina, we’ve seen our signs help businesses take advantage of unique promotional opportunities that they didn’t even realize they had. Here are some innovative ways to promote your brand that might be right for you.

Custom Signs For Tradeshows

A tradeshow can give your business a huge boost, and it’s best to participate in any that you have access to. However, when you attend, you’ll be competing for attention with everyone else there. A custom trade show sign is an absolute must to stand out from the crowd and get the connections or customers that you need to grow your business.

Two of our most innovative trade show sign types are gull wing popup displays and serpentine setups. These larger signs have unique shapes that help the visuals seem more dynamic and impressive. The gull style has two inward curves, like a gull’s wings. The serpentine curves in and then out, putting emphasis on the visuals on one side and leaving a spot for you to stand and talk on the other.

Start Promoting Your Business With Innovative Signs

The Sign Factory is a comprehensive sign company in North Carolina. We offer a variety of custom indoor and outdoor signs to suit your needs and branding goals. To best promote your business, you need access to the latest trade show signs and vehicle wrap types. Reach out to us with your unique needs, and let our design team work with you to create eye-catching custom signs.