Interested in Folding Display Panels for Your Charlotte Trade Show?

Is it time to smarten up the displays you usually take to a trade show? Folding display panels might just be the right products to spruce things up a bit. With Charlotte’s trade show season heating up – and nearby exhibition venues also adding new shows – it is time to wow customers, competitors and the media! So, what makes these displays stand out?

Technology. Folding panels are manufactured for the solo exhibitor. Lightweight cores make transport easy. Double-sided polyester increases your message space. Easy folding instructions allow you to break down your display in next to no time. Not surprisingly, storage is really quite simple with the accompanying carry bags.

Versatility. Have you been allocated a good-sized display booth? Great! Choose the 7’10” tall panels at widths of 10’ to 20’. The latter comes with curved end caps, backlit headers and peninsulas. The former feature similar extras on a smaller scale. On the other hand, if you must make do with a table display, then choose the 3’11” tall displays with multiple panels and added accessories.

Branding. A brand like a pro by choosing smooth or ribbed fabrics. An extensive color selection allows you to find the hue that matches your logo or signage the best. If you just want to go for a neutral backdrop, the steel, chrome or cinder colors are excellent. Have your logo and company name imprinted on both sides for additional marketing?

Varying Setups. Depending on your space and the other trade show display elements that you are bringing with you, consider displaying the panels horizontally or vertically. Choose the uniformly sized panels with the 24” by 36” dimensions. Use as many panels as you like, and leave the others in the carrying case.

Using the Panels is Quick and Easy. All it takes are polyester-imprinted informational panel coverings. If you prefer to use the setup as a backdrop for changing information, simply rely on Velcro fasteners that allow you to attach customized posters and panels to the backdrops. By the way, this is also a great idea for the panel kit that you are thinking of taking on the road. When you know that you will showcase your products and services in front of multiple like-minded audiences in the next couple of weeks, save setup time. Put together your displays, and then simply fold them up – posters and all – into their respective carrying cases.

Since there are diverse folding display panels for trade shows and other exhibit opportunities, it is a good idea to talk to our knowledgeable pane experts for more information. We gladly discuss the hardware that you already have on hand, both sizes you customarily deal with and also the amount of informational banners and posters that you intend to bring with you.

Moreover, this is also a good time to discuss product pairings such as customized table throws with tabletop panel kits and branded ceiling displays with tall panel walls. In fact, if you have been considering an overhaul of your trade show display, get it done before your next scheduled Charlotte event!