Interior Designers Can Partner with Us for Custom Signage in Charlotte NC!

What do you envision when we say “sign?” Is it a rectangle with print? Is it an octagon with a stern message? While we make these, too, the Sign Factory actually prides itself on its design flexibility. For example, did you know that we routinely create interior designer signs for Charlotte, NC?

Working with Designers

Many of these signs are made for industrial or commercial purposes. Business owners commission the services of an interior design firm that specializes in the setup of an aesthetically pleasing workplace or factory interior. Others rely on these professionals for the creation of a relaxing lobby area where waiting becomes a fun activity and not an anxiety-laden undertaking.

Even interior design firms commission their signage from our company by providing us with custom-tailored templates and messages. After all, when great looks and a distinct atmosphere are a professional calling card, standard markers simply cannot get the job done. Our experienced signage customization experts understand that sometimes your marker needs take you off the beaten path. We are here to help you and make your vision become a reality.

Examples of interior designer sign services for Charlotte, NC, venues include metal plaques that highlight donor walls and also act as artistically-inspired wayfinding markers. Acrylic lettering is another favorite of interior designers. In part, this is due to the fact that this material comes in a wide variety of standard colors but also offers the option of customized painting. The crisp edging of the material makes it a work of art in its own right. Interior designers oftentimes ask for acrylic lobby signs for this very reason.

We create an etched glass look with the clever use of vinyl. The result is so realistic that you cannot tell the difference unless you touch the glass. These types of signs perfectly complement a minimalist or avant-garde center that an interior designer has created with an eye on efficiency. You may find this type of marker paired with brushed aluminum or even stainless steel signage. As you can see, the options are truly endless.

Available Partnering

So, how can you benefit from the partnership between your interior designer and our sign company? Easy!

  • Complementing markers. Your must-have signs blend in seamlessly with the look and feel that the furnishings and wall coverings create. Rather than standing out and giving your waiting room an industrial look, these signs do not interrupt the welcoming atmosphere you wish to have in your lobby.
  • One-of-a-kind signage. If you are in a business where creativity is a major asset, you cannot afford to hang run-of-the-mill markers in your lobby or office space. In fact, you have worked with your interior designer to have your lobby communicate your artistic nature. Why stop there? When we partner with the design firm, you benefit from unusual signage that your customers probably will not see hanging anywhere else. We can create unique markers, including exterior signage that fits all situations and settings.
  • A marriage of functionality and creativity. Since we are experienced in the signage business, we understand the legal requirements that some of your signs have to fulfill. Interior designers know how to create the feel of the space that your company inhabits. By combining both areas of expertise, we succeed at creating markers that fulfill your needs and observe all applicable laws.

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