Interior Signs and Graphics for Lansing Building Products Showroom in Charlotte!

Located at 3000 Crosspoint Center Lane # A, Lansing Building Products offers a comprehensive inventory of exterior building materials, tools, and equipment to local contractors. Whether you tackle siding projects, deck building or house wraps, these experts likely have exactly what you need. When it came time to outfit its showroom with interior signs and graphics for manufacturers in Charlotte, NC, the company’s management team contacted our signage shop for assistance.

A Signage Combination Sets the Tone for Professional Interactions

After consulting with our client, we designed a signage suite that treated the showroom’s entirety for an effective overall presentation of the brand.

  • Lobby sign. Displaying against a navy blue wall, the lobby marker we prepared for Lansing Building Products consists of a double layer acrylic panel that features brushed metal and a transparent board that shows print cut graphics. We mounted the product with standoffs for a professional look.
  • Branding presentation. Fashioned like a lobby sign, this product explains to customers the Lansing difference. For added pizzazz, we combined dimensional and print graphics that show off white lettering against a navy blue backdrop. Part of the setup is the use of gold imprints and the company’s name and logo.
  • Digital prints. As you enter the showroom, you cannot help but notice the four large wall graphics that feature attractive home exteriors. They create an atmosphere inside the showroom that immediately shifts the focus to exterior building materials. We installed three smaller graphics to the fronts of cabinets that furnish the setting. They advertise a number of building product brands.

Creating Brand and Product Awareness with Showroom Signage

The creative presentation of the signage combination succeeds in setting the stage for a showroom experience that benefits the business as well as the consumer. For starters, it avoids any cluttering of the setting. Attractive graphics mount to functional surfaces, which leaves customers plenty of space to navigate the venue and compare products.

Next, the highly visible display of the company’s name and logo, as well as manufacturer signage, makes it easy to for the shopper to associate the two. As a result, the customer in search of a specific brand or product will remember to visit Lansing Building Products for the purchase. Within retail settings, this practice is referred to as co-branding. It proves successful for the store owner who seeks to build a loyal clientele. In many cases, retailers not only present co-branded signage on the interior but also on the outside via window graphics or banners.

Ordering Your Showroom Signage

If we have inspired you to invest in – or upgrade – interior signs and graphics for manufacturers in Charlotte, NC, or for any other showroom setting, we can help. Contact our graphic artists to discuss your signage options. In addition to lobby markers, branding signs, and graphics, also consider the addition of retractable banner stands, floor graphics, and ceiling-mounted products. We work with you to put together a signage suite that persuades shoppers at your location to become buyers as well as repeat customers. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation.