It’s a Custom Illuminated Cabinet Sign for Education Express

When you need educational toys, art supplies and games, the Education Express is your one-stop shop. When this company needed an exterior building sign for its 8111 Concord Mills Boulevard location, the management team contacted the Sign Factory. We worked on designs that would brand this store and make it easy for consumers to find this fun business.

Illuminated cabinet building signs for Concord, NC, are eye-catching products that succeed at reeling in the foot traffic. They also serve to signal to motorists that their destination is coming up. In the case of Education Express, we chose a cloud-shaped cabinet with offset lettering in red and yellow colors. A blue shape ties the look together and reminds of the logo and name display on the company’s website.

Not Yesterday’s Cabinets!

Cabinets are not as utilitarian as you might believe. Although the basic model features an aluminum body and an acrylic facing with an interior LED setup that takes on a basic geometric shape, there are now amazing signage products that you can create with these components. Sure, plenty of business owners like the standard geometric shape display that allows for sufficient branding and marketing space to mention a tag line or professional affiliation.

That said, many more are now asking our graphics artists to shape their cabinets into the silhouettes of their logos. This adds another branding dimension that makes the look come to life. Clouds suddenly do look like clouds. Whereas in print it may appear somewhat stylized, in a three-dimensional signage setup, this marker succeeds at providing an eye-grabbing appearance that pops.

Combining Cabinets with Secondary Signage

It is not uncommon for a company to order a channel letter sign and then commission a lightbox cabinet to display the logo. Adding channel letters or dimensional letters to a cabinet is another possibility. In other cases, our business clients like us to install a cabinet and then add different signage to the property that complements the message the building marker sends. Examples include vinyl window graphics, window posters and flutter flags.

Getting Your Order Started

If you are inspired to upgrade your look with one of our custom lightbox cabinet signs for Concord, NC, simply call our technicians today for more information on the product. If you have been thinking of re-branding your look, the switch from your current signage product to a cabinet may make the changes stand out even more. We work with your management team to put together sketches that make your name and logo appear in vibrant lights and colors. We discuss the right shape selection and talk about the best mounting option for maximum impact.

After we pull all the right permits, we fabricate the signage product. Finally, we install the sign when it is convenient for you. We know that you do not want to disrupt your customers or clients; we work with your schedule to make the experience as easy on you and your staff as possible. Since safety is another major consideration, we actually prefer to work on your façade when the venue is not overly busy.