Learn the Benefits of Cabinet Signs for Charlotte NC

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you added cabinet signs? Charlotte, NC, members of the business community are beginning to realize that these highly-versatile signage solutions are integral to their marketing and branding efforts. So, just what are the benefits of these markers that your company could enjoy as well?

Drive Brand Awareness with Cabinet Signs

Your logo combined with your company’s name defines your brand. Is there a better way to drive brand awareness than by having a sign that is in the shape of your company’s logo, which then display’s your company’s name and information? We do not think so. In fact, the professionals at the Sign Factory are now getting plenty of orders from companies who are exchanging their channel letters for a cabinet sign in the shape of their logos.

Enjoy Multiple Installation Options

Are you tired of having a sign attached to your façade? No problem! The cabinet marker is one of the few exterior signage options that can be mounted to a pole or integrated into a monument sign. This gives you the freedom to decorate without worrying about obstructing the building’s marker. Moreover, with the sign located closer to the street – as it would be when you added it to your monument marker – you also have the further benefit of attracting more motorists.

Signage Enhancement Opportunities

The benefits of these signs do not stop there. For example, did you know that you can pair the standard cabinet marker with a message board? You frequently see these at car washes, auto dealerships and in front of churches. Add announcements, special events and other occasions that you want to communicate to the community as well as to shoppers. If you like the idea of going high-tech, make it a message board that relies on LED technology. This setup can be changed multiple times per day from the convenience of your office, display graphics and even feature different colors. Schools and smaller stores in highly-competitive shopping centers have now begun relying on these attention getters with good success.

What should you put on your cabinet signs? Charlotte, NC, signage examples are as diverse as the companies that commission them. There are the companies that prefer nothing but the facts. This includes the name of the business and the logo. Others like the idea of displaying a motto or tagline. If this has been an integral part of your marketing strategy in the past, it is a good idea to add it to the sign.

Still, others have come to realize that noting business affiliations with long-established and highly-reputable companies in related niches is a distinct advantage. For instance, if you are the car rental company that provides courtesy vehicles for the local Ford dealership, it is a great idea to make mention of this. There are still plenty of other setup and design options that help you to stand out in your area as well as in your niche. Talk to our friendly cabinet sign experts today to decide on the various style elements that you want to include.