Lobby and Monument Signs for Charlotte Animal & Referral Emergency!

Located at 3726 Latrobe Drive, Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) serves clients with round-the-clock veterinary care. On-site specialists have access to a broad range of diagnostic technology, which enhances patient care and the speed with which conditions may be diagnosed and treated. When it came time to add monument and lobby signs for animal hospitals in Charlotte, the veterinary clinic’s management team contacted the Sign Factory.

A Strong Signage Combination

The monument sign features a stone base with a pre-cast cap. Affixed to the top is a blue metal cabinet sign. We designed and installed push-through letters and a logo that uses the same technology. As a result, this marker looks stunning when lit up during the nighttime hours. For the lobby sign, we began with one-half-inch thick acrylic. A brushed black metal laminate brings elegance to the wall. Layered with metal laminate studs and the logo, this lobby sign combines with the lettering identifying CARE. It looks great on the wall.

Why Indoor/Outdoor Sign Combos Make a Winning Product Solution

Commissioning an interior as well as an exterior signage product at the same time is a good idea. By default, this signage combination starts a conversation that begins on the outside and continues on when the consumer steps inside. What are the other benefits?

  • Style continuity. Selecting the right signage combination at one time ensures that both markers display with the same style. Even if there is only a one-year difference, remember that signage styles move on subtly, and the change is noticeable.
  • Effective branding. Nothing points you out as a business on the move up as new signage will. When you commission a signage combination, you reinforce this impression for those visiting your venue. It is highly likely that this is a factor in their decision to return to do business with you in the future.
  • Set the stage. Commissioning two of the most important signage products at the same time also sets the stage for adding on supporting products later. Examples could include vinyl window lettering and graphics, vehicle graphics or a building sign such as dimensional letters or a lightbox cabinet.

Considering the Impact of Your Signage

Lobby and monument signs for animal hospitals in Charlotte bring in new clients and reinforce the good impression current clients have of your facility. Of course, this is true for all types of businesses. Since signage is a major aspect of your business’ persona, it stands to reason that the impact of a signage combination is much greater than the installation of one marker alone.

Contact our professional graphic artists to further discuss the impact a new sign combo could have on the way consumers view your company. Sketches reveal the potential look – both on the inside as well as on the outside – and let you look at the products the way a first-time consumer would. Are you ready to address potential customers or clients in this manner?

We are here to assist you with the design, permitting, manufacture and professional installation of all types of signage products. Talk to our experts today to schedule your client consultation.