Lobby Sign for National Mortgage Company Shines in Charlotte!

Located at 315 East Worthington Avenue, Michigan Mutual Mortgage, or MiMutual Mortgage is in the business of helping its clients find the best mortgage refinance deals possible. In addition, this company handles FHA 203K, streamline, jumbo and conventional products. When this business needed a great lobby sign in keeping with its branding message, its management team contacted our signage insiders for assistance.

Aluminum Lobby Sign Brings Pizzazz to the Lobby

The lobby greets the client with an attractive dark yellow wall color. After consulting with the company’s management team about the look of the sign that would stand out and create a wow factor, we designed, manufactured and installed a half-inch aluminum display. It spells out the name of the company and features the logo portion. We added a brushed metal finish that gives the product an air of sophistication and classiness. After mounting the sign flush to the wall, this lobby setup clearly looks like it belongs there. It is a perfect fit!

Lobby Signs for Mortgage Companies in Charlotte, NC

It was important to the client that the mortgage sign would mimic the look of the display on the website. That said, the color selection was optional. On the website, the display shows different shades of blue with a yellow accent. For the display in the company’s reception area, the color scheme reproduces the yellow accent in the logo by cutting out the lettering portion and letting the wall’s color come through. The rest of the sign, however, displays with a metallic hue rather than in blue. This color change is highly advantageous in two distinct ways.

1. It creates a link to the website display. By keeping the yellow color of the in-logo lettering, the company succeeds in transferring a part of the online image. Since most consumers research the companies they do business with online before ever calling or emailing with an inquiry, this recognition opportunity is a must.

2. It uses psychology for the most favorable setup of a sign. Color psychology also extends to material usage. For a financial institution of any kind, the use of metal is a suitable substrate. Subconsciously, it communicates that this is a business that is around for a long time and is, therefore, not afraid to invest in a marker that will also be around for many years. Transferring the properties of the signage materials to the reputation of the company is done quickly.

What are Your Material Choices?

Metal is only one option. Different types of companies frequently look to different materials for their branding expression. For example, IT companies favor the use of glossy acrylic. It allows for the manufacture of crisp edges and highlights the artistic components of the enterprise while not neglecting to also show off the precise, no-nonsense approach to doing business.

Other materials that we frequently use when manufacturing corporate lobby signs in Charlotte, NC, include PVC, foam and more unusual products like wood or stone. Contact us today to find out more about your options and to get started on your signage design.