Lobby Sign Letters Explained!

The lobby sign letters Charlotte, NC, business owners order for their foyers are as varied as the companies themselves. At the Sign Factory, we frequently get inquiries about the perfect type of letter. While it is true that each different material and style has its own merits, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach that makes one letter superior to another – for all businesses.

All You Need to Know About Lobby Sign Letters!

Here is all you need to know about styles, looks and what materials are available for lobby sign letters in Charlotte, NC.

Metal Letters

Is there anything more distinguished than the look of metal? For companies in the financial, legal and health sectors, this is frequently a primary choice when selecting lobby signage. Cast aluminum and cast bronze are materials that quite a few of our clients have chosen. They are durable, classy and elegant all at once. If the cost of cast bronze is not something that you had budgeted for, consider that you have the option of choosing budget-friendly foam that we can then treat with a metal laminate. You get the same look at a fraction of the cost.

Acrylic Letters

Sleek, chic and modern, acrylic letters are a staple for software companies, transportation firms and really all types of businesses that want to portray a forward-looking image. Laser-cut acrylic is crisp and looks luxurious on the wall. For the business owner who prefers the depth of display, consider that depths come in 1/8th of an inch all the way to one inch. Letters can be manufactured at a height of one inch all the way up to 70 inches – and taller!

Plastic Letters

It is a common misconception that plastic and acrylic letters are the same. Well, they really are not. Formed plastic letters are the types of dimensional display pieces that offer rounded or crisp edges. Their fronts may be prismatic or sculpted. These letters are ideal selections for businesses that cater to a juvenile clientele. Examples include daycare facilities, schools, gyms for children or any other place where kids are a big part of the business model.

Foam Letters

Just because the material involves foam, do not think for one moment that these letters are flimsy and short-lived. Quite the opposite is the case. This type of foam is durable, molded and can be painted in any color you like. Add acrylic or metallic laminate fronts to alter the appearance. When you want a dramatic three-dimensional display in your lobby, this is the material to consider. All kinds of businesses have chosen foam for their customized lobby signs.

Since this is only a short primer on the various lobby sign letters that you might choose from, consider giving our experienced signage makers a call to get more information and to discover what material selection and style might just be the ideal solution for you. We gladly come to your venue to take measurements and to discuss styles, looks, colors and textures. Visit our shop to see examples of the various types of letters that could soon become a part of your reception area’s new look.