Lobby Signs Ideas for Mint Hill NC

The Sign Factory does a lot of work for the local business community. In addition to working on building signs, we also help retailers and service providers to formulate successful lobby sign ideas for Mint Hill, NC, stores, offices, and similar settings. Do you ever wonder what goes into the design of a great reception area marker that highlights your branding message even as it boosts the overall look and feel of your space?

Logo and Lettering Combos

When the logo becomes part of your foyer’s sign, it makes sense to balance the display. Although the logo is usually a bit larger than the lettering, there should not be a visual imbalance. It is possible to achieve this feat simply by moving the symbol closer to the focal point of the setup. Harmonizing the display also calls for the use of an identical material and color option. For example, opt for a brushed aluminum finish on all sign components; the tone must match the color of the substrate to which installers mount them.

Acrylic Panels and Standoffs

The use of transparent acrylic as a base for the installation of imprinted overlays or dimensional letters is catching on. Large boards easily become focal points that demand attention. Clients who favor this presentation may choose a frosted background and an imprinted foreground display for a heightened visual interest. Make the look stand out even more with aluminum standoffs. The most common sizing is 3/4-inches. Go for the gusto with a quarter-inch-thick panel that is large enough to draw the eye from anywhere in the foyer.

LEDs and Dimensional Letters

The hottest trend in lobby signage design is the incorporation of LEDs. Some companies add the lights around the edges of a panel to present a different color than the one chosen for the letters and logo. Others ask us to create a large metal logo board with push-through acrylic lettering that then lights up on the inside. As a result, the letters present with illumination. A third option is the manufacture of scaled-down channel letters. You already know these products from our work on building signs. But when you minimize the height, width, and depth to suit an interior setting, channel letters bring the various lighting options to the foyer.

Multiple Color and Font Displays

For the business that wants to stand out by presenting its mix of font and color choices as a Mint Hill branding message, we recommend the use of acrylic style elements that express this information. The trick here is for each of the colors to match the wall perfectly. Also, the sign should see a repetition somewhere in the space. The use of decals or wall graphics as a branding support is a splendid idea. Designing office signage with a small copy of the sign in a corner is another excellent approach for ensuring that the mix of colors and fonts appears organic.

If we have inspired you to think outside the box when ordering lobby signs in Mint Hill, NC, why not see what our graphic artists can help you create? Contact us today to schedule a design consultation!