Lobby Signs in Ballantyne NC: What Are Your Choices?

Home of the Dana Rader School of Golf and a variety of shopping and dining destinations, Ballantyne is a great place to live and a frequent destination of those ready to enjoy the finer things in life. Doing business in the city calls for the presentation of signage that is in keeping with the area’s ambiance. Take for example lobby signs in Ballantyne, NC.

Acrylic Offers Versatility

Business clients who contact The Sign Factory routinely look for a way to express their brand messages with a contemporary flair that allows for chic designs. Because standing out matters, we have found that acrylic delivers. For example, double layer acrylic boards that feature dimensional letters offer an opportunity for an unusual color or frosted appearance presentation as well as the depth that only 3D letters bring to the wall. Some clients choose to add metal letters to their acrylic boards.

Another presentation involves the feature of a board with a cut acrylic logo with imprinted lettering. This combination creates an interesting contrast of depths that has the customer stepping close to take a good look. For a clean-cut appearance, clients choose die-cut dimensional letters that we paint in your corporate colors or in a tone that contrasts well with the wall’s hue. Choose sign foam as a substrate to enhance the 3D effect by adding an acrylic laminate to the material.

Metal is Synonymous with Sophistication

When a look of classiness is relevant to your company’s brand, metal is the right material to choose. Options include stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, and similar items. A brushed metal finish looks great on a wall. It also does not reflect too much light. Moreover, when you opt for a reverse cut logo presentation, you create a well-balanced look that appeals to the eye.

Pairing acrylic and metal displays are possible. The varied properties of the materials create an eye-catching appearance that makes sense in a setting where your brand requires the expression of creativity as well as the anticipated longevity of the company. For business owners who would like to heighten the appeal of a 3D presentation without digging deep for material costs, we recommend the application of metal laminates to sign foam.

Unique Presentation Options for Lobby Signs in Ballantyne, NC

Although the two most commonly chosen displays feature logo boards or dimensional letters, there are additional options. Customization makes it possible.

  • Vinyl letters. Attaching directly to the wall, these letters can become parts of a graphics setup.
  • PVC. Choose the budget-friendly material when you like the idea of going for large sizes.
  • Illumination. More and more companies are experimenting with lit signage. The lobby sign is the ideal product for the incorporation of LEDs. Consider a metal board with push-through acrylic letters that light up from within the sign. When hidden behind the edges of colorful acrylic boards, the LEDs can imbue the wall with additional color displays or simply white light.

Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on this design project.