Logo Letter Lobby Sign for Hot Wired Audio Video in Denver NC

Located at 1409 North Highway 16, HotWired Audio Video in Denver, NC specializes in customized electronics integrations for residential and commercial customers. Whether it is a home theater setup or a media center for a business’ training facility, these experts have you covered. When the company needed a lobby sign for its venue, the management team contacted our experts.

Custom Lobby Signs for Denver, NC

Being located on Highway 16 brings with it the commercial appeal that a city’s main street provides. For Hot Wired AV, this means displaying its signage to reaffirm its positioning as the local thought leader in its niche. After discussing the signage options with the company’s management team, it was decided that dimensional letters would be the right choice.

Our technicians imitated the look of the company’s online name and logo display to create a logo lobby sign that recreates this appearance. Doing so offers the business the advantage of creating instant brand awareness with customers who have researched the company online before visiting the location. It also helps to create name recognition since the look of the website display factors into the design of invoices and other written communications from the business. Glossy acrylic now combines for a professional display that offers a distinct 3D look.

Choosing the Right Lobby Sign Look

When we consult with business clients about the best lobby signage appearance, there are frequently questions about making the right choice. Should the product mimic the website’s look? Should it be unique? Should it suit the neighborhood? We have some suggestions that may make the decision a little easier.

  • Align the lobby sign’s appearance with the website. You cannot go wrong by presenting your customers with a cohesive look online and off. In fact, using the website to introduce your logo and name display is a smart way of creating familiarity with your business.
  • Define your branding message. The tenor of your message partially determines the material selection for the product. Financial institutions favor metals because of the longevity these signs bespeak. Galleries and luxury goods retailers look toward acrylics to underscore the creativity that goes into their products.
  • Consider the installation. Installing a lobby sign flush to the wall is an excellent way of integrating it into the overall design of the space. When you choose offsets, you make the sign a piece of art in its own right, which then contributes to the interior design.

Discussing Lobby Signs for Retail Stores in Denver, NC, with the Experts

Contact our professionals to learn more about the various lobby sign options open to you. We work with you to think through the material selection, design, mounting options and the use of your wall space as a backdrop for the message you want to send to the customer. Our graphic artists prepare sketches after the consultation to show you what the product could look like in your space. Doing so allows you to see the sign through the eyes of a first-time visitor to your location. Contact us today to get started on the process.