Making Trade Show Banners in Charlotte Work for Your Expo

When you display trade show banners in Charlotte, NC, expo halls and convention venues, you intend to guide foot traffic to your booth. But when your banners are not up to par, there is a good chance that they will not stand out and get the attention needed. How can you make sure that your banners work for you? Easy! Use a variety of them.

Flexi Banner Stands Wow with Adjustable Heights

One of the easiest ways to attract attention is by catching the eye at different levels. Since the majority of expo banners display at the same height, it makes sense to shake things up a bit. Flexi banner stands have the advantage of going as low as 71 inches and as high as 96 inches. In a sea of banners at uniform elevation, standing out or appealing to seated visitors makes sense.

Pole Banners Welcome Visitors

Why wait until attendees enter the hall? Welcome them with pole banners to draw attention to your business’ name and logo. Measurements vary from 18 inches by 36 inches to 30 inches by 60 inches. It is possible to create customized sizes in keeping with the heights of the poles available to you.

Feather Banners Underscore Your Welcome Message

We recommend using pole and feather flags together. While the pole banners display your message with a muted presentation of your name and logo, the feather flags show off your branding information without distraction. Choose from flags measuring between nine feet and 15 feet. The venue’s display rules will give you a good understanding of the sizing preferences the management company permits.

Retractable Banner Stands Brand and Market at Strategic Locations

The retractable banner stand is the favored expo setup. Put three or five of them together, and you have a booth backdrop. Place the product near a corner to provide directional assistance for attendees looking for you. If you have the opportunity to put additional retractable banner stands around the venue, consider imprinting each display piece with a different teaser. Doing so heightens interest in your product or service.

Hanging Banners Capitalize on Frequently Overlooked Overhead Space

The area above your booth is prime marketing space; even so, the majority of companies showing off their products fail to make good use of it. When you place hanging banners above your setup, you not only provide wayfinding assistance, but you also heighten the interest in your display. After all, since those with hanging banners inevitably stand out in the majority of expo settings, attendees naturally want to know what is so special that you would spare no presentation method for showing it off.

Ordering Trade Show Banners in Charlotte, NC

Contact our expo banner specialists to learn more about your display options. We work with you to put together a signage suite that fits the unique booth setup you anticipate having at your next event. Also, we help you to decide on the wording, branding message setup and marketing communication details. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experts.