Materials for Large Format Printing for Charlotte Businesses

Large format printing allows for the opportunity to create signage that can be used on walls, buses and storefronts, as well as on countless other areas. With large format printing, sign shops can typically create many signage options using different materials of any size that you need. This article, we will discuss some of the commonly available options:

Flexible Options:

  • Banners – Banners are excellent for promoting events, advertising products and for capturing eyes. They are made from a variety of materials and are usually custom created. They can be used indoor or outdoor.
  • Mesh – Mesh is a banner material that is often used for banners that are large and displayed outside. These have small holes that aid in reducing wind resistance and are lighter.
  • Wallpaper – Custom printed wallpaper enhances the feeling of a business and can enhance the customer’s experience. We can create scenes, ads, promotions, or anything your imagination comes up for your wallpaper. Custom wallpaper can be textured or smooth.
  • Pressure sensitive vinyl – Excellent material for vehicle wraps, wall wraps, floor wraps, and wrapping whatever you would like to. People wrap their tables, guitars, and so much more! There are a great variety of vinyl options available these days.
  • Canvas – Canvas is often used for interior promotion and decoration. Perfect for art prints to decorate your office or for advertisements that you plan on display for a while.
  • Double sided prints – Banners and signs that hang common double-sided prints. Excellent for promotions and specials. A black barrier is used so that prints on one side do not show through to the other side.

Rigid Options

  • Acrylic – A durable sign option that is very popular for interior and exterior signs. This material tends to have a glossy finish for an attractive look.
  • Corrugated Plastic – Excellent for both indoor and outdoor signage as it’s strong and easy to clean.
  • Foam board – This material is basically two layers of styrene with a foam layer in between. This lightweight board is durable that can be used for different purposes like dimensional letters and other forms of branding, as well as ads.
  • Styrene – This is a low-cost semi-flexible plastic. It’s recommended for indoor use or for temp outdoor ads.
  • Aluminum – Excellent for outdoor use as it does not rust and is weatherproof.

Whatever your signage needs are for your Charlotte business, we are here to serve you. We make a point to understand what your needs and goals are. Then, we can tailor for you the best signage solutions to suit your company best.

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