Mobile Advertising for North Carolina Non-Profit Organizations

Mobile advertising is known to be a smart choice for industries of all sorts and this includes non-profit organizations. Charitable organizations need to find creative ways to get their cause out there so the public can learn about what they support.

While mailers, television ads, radio spots, and newspaper advertisements have the potential to reach many sets of eyes, those mediums are not the most cost-effective ways to get your very important message out. Mailers are easily thrown away or get lost in piles of paper. Television and radio spots only last for a very, very short time. Newspaper ads are quickly recycled and forgotten about. However, mobile advertising can get your non-profit business impressed on the minds of members of your local community for years to come!

When you wrap your vehicle with a well-designed ad and drive throughout your local area, people will notice. Take at a look at this wrap that we did for Second Chance Boutique and Home Decor. With locations outside of Charlotte in Monroe and Waxhaw, these upscale thrift shops have a thoughtful mission. When this truck is driving around our area, people in our community will easily notice that their mission is to help victims of domestic violence and know exactly how to help out.

Wrapping your non-profit cars and trucks is simply a smart choice. Here are some reasons why:

  • Vehicle wraps are highly visible. Visibility is the key when considering what tools to use to expand awareness of your charity. 90% of people report that they observe vehicle wraps! That’s a large percentage of people who will see what your cause is.
  • Mobile advertising allows you to be seen anywhere your vehicle can travel to. This is one of the best benefits from of investing in a non-profit vehicle wrap. If there are events like fairs, festivals or other popular occasions where there is a lot of foot traffic, you can drive through or park in these high visibility areas to be seen by hundreds of people in one short time period. If you are non-profit like Second Chance and travel often to pick up donations, you can be noticed by nearby residents which can give you the opportunity to receive more support.
  • Wraps are cost effective. When you invest in a vehicle graphics, you make a one-time investment that will last for years to come. This equates to pennies a day! These pennies per day can get you thousands of impressions depending on where you travel and where you park. No other form of advertising can offer you a deal as good as this!
  • Charity wraps allow others to see that you are hard at work. When people look to volunteer their time or to offer some form of donation, they want to make sure that the organization they are supporting are working hard for their cause. With your wrapped vehicle driving around the community, people will see that you are busy. This surely gives that impression they are looking for when considering what organization to help out.

With all of these reasons and many more not mentioned, a non-profit vehicle wrap is a smart choice to get your cause noticed. The Sign Factory is here to create a design and expertly apply a wrap that will stand out. Give us a call at 704-321-0040 today!