Need Channel Letters for Your Charlotte Franchise?

Are you looking at the various exterior signs for franchises in Charlotte? Why not take a page from the playbook of Bounce U! Located at 1634 Cobb International Boulevard in Kennesaw, this franchise succeeded at securing a great location with large space above the entranceway. This is the kind of setup that is perfect for channel letters. Professionals from the Sign Factory met with the franchise’s management team and worked with the corporate office to get the artwork needed for the manufacture of signage that conforms to color and size specifications.

We routinely work with franchises all around the Charlotte area to make a great splash in the communities where they set up their locations.

  • Site survey. We visit your location to take measurements and inspect the façade. This influences the installation methods that we select. It also allows us to work with you on secondary signage options.
  • Corporate office consultation. Usually, the franchisor outlines the signage that you are permitted to set up on the exterior of your location. When only a channel letter marker will do, we ensure that it is done according to the specifications of the franchisor with respect to size, font and color selection.
  • Permitting. It can get quite frustrating to get the city to sign off on your signage application. We handle the legwork and the paperwork. We get the building’s management company as well as the official signatures needed to proceed with the sign project.
  • Manufacture. We use high-quality raw materials to create a channel letter sign that is durable and lasts for many years to come. When your franchise uses illuminated lettering, we install the LEDs as well.
  • Professional installation. Our experts install the channel letters when it is convenient for you. We bring all the equipment needed and ensure perfect centering and safe installation techniques that keep the marker in place – even if there are high winds.

The advantages of channel letter signs are clear. First and foremost, it is possible to fit right into the local business setting. Since it is one of the most popular signage products currently on the market, plenty of businesses in all niches select this look. It makes permitting easier and also ensures that your leasing agent will not have any objections to the proposed signage.

Secondly, illumination comes in three varieties. The light can escape from the front of the letters, which is the most common choice. Next, it may instead escape from the back. This gives the lettering a halo effect, which is quite attractive. Lastly, the lettering can be designed to allow light to escape from the front and the back of the lettering. It gives you the best of both worlds – even though it slightly diminishes the brightness of the illumination.

Yet did you know that we do not just work with franchisees? We also work with the franchisor. This is the company that reserves the right to contract for the signage product manufacture and installation instead of the franchise. Whether you are ordering channel letter signs for franchises in Charlotte and are located in the state or you are placing your order from a few states away, we gladly work with you. Call us today for more information on this signage product.