Need Custom Signs in Indian Trail NC? What Is Customizable?

Famous for its annual Fourth of July parade and ongoing population and business boom, Indian Trail is an ideal setting for opening corporate offices or storefronts. But standing out in the local business community calls for specialized signage solutions to accompany the unique nature of your products and services. Customization is the answer to your sign situation. There are several examples of custom signs in Indian Trail, NC.

Dimensional Letters Shaped to your Font Specifications Create Name Recognition

For building signs and lobby signs, dimensional letters are ideally suited to communicate your brand message. Because we can form the metal, acrylic, or outdoor-rated sign foam according to your specifications, your name display looks identical to the one you feature on your website or print ads. Doing so offers you the advantage of broadcasting the letter presentation to a large audience and creating name recognition. Repeat this presentation, on a smaller scale, for a lobby sign.

Use Corporate Colors in Signage Design to Match Brochures and Print Ads Exactly

Your corporate color palette may feature two, five, or more tones. Integrating as many as possible in your retail or office sign design is important. Because branding depends in large part on the recognition of color and shape combinations, it makes sense to feature these hues as often as possible. By the way, following this advice is possible even when putting together an ADA-compliant sign package.

Custom-shaped Lightbox Cabinet Signs Generate Brand Awareness

The lightbox cabinet is an excellent branding tool that functions primarily as a building sign. That said, you might also incorporate it into a monument sign setup as a facing or mount it to a pole with a double-sided message. Internal LEDs provide illumination after dark. Because the shapes of the cabinet as well as of the polycarbonate facing are fully customizable, the product can take on your corporate logo’s form or imitate a niche-specific image. On the interior, custom-shaped thinner electrical cabinets are already in use as the point of purchase (POP) signs.

Putting Your Logo on Vehicles Succeeds in Bringing the Brand Message to Larger Audiences

Mobile marketing is a hot topic right now. As more and more members of the Indian Trail business community join the revolution, the need to stand out here, too, calls for customization in every possible way. We recommend putting your logo on vehicles you reserve for company use. They may be work trucks, delivery vans, or simply the passenger cars you ride in to pick up supplies or meet with customers. We can add your logo as a spot graphic to the hood or sides of the vehicle, install it as a style element of a partial wrap, or integrate it with the creation of a full cover.

How to Market and Brand with Custom Signs in Indian Trail, NC

Discuss your signage requirements with our business product specialists. We assist you with the design details and ensure that the new sign meets your standards. For exterior signage, we handle the permitting process for you. Call us today to schedule a design consultation!