Need Last Minute Trade Show Graphics in Charlotte NC?

While it is the nightmare of every public speaker to lose the speech notes the day of the big presentation, it is the nightmare of any trade show attendee to set up the booth at the expo and miss several must-have components. Sure, this is not something that happens frequently. That said, it is not unusual for folks to realize during the week of the trade show that they are missing one thing or another. This is where the Sign Factory experts can step in to help. Members of the business community know us for our last minute trade show graphics in Charlotte, NC.

Display Items

You need vinyl banners and retractable banner stands. Sometimes, your staff members do not store them properly, and you unpack them just to find them ripped or broken. At other times, your color preferences, branding display or product selection has changed. Although the older banners are still in pristine condition, they show off last year’s new product. Since we have invested in the latest printing equipment that combines true color matches with speed, printing your banners is a snap – even with a quick deadline.

Branding Displays

Custom table throws brand your business. In addition to covering up sometimes overused and abused facility tables, they reinforce your message with their color selection. Moreover, you cannot go wrong by displaying your products on a table set up that features your company’s name, logo and a primary company color. Reinforcing the branding message is a key component to generating brand awareness and name recognition. Our graphic artists can create any number of throws quickly and with a perfect color match to fit in with the rest of your booth.

Talking Points

Who was in charge of ordering the sell sheets? While your staff is unsure and some thought it was one person or another one, you need these sheets. Double-sided, glossy and ideal for starting a conversation at your booth and then referring back to them during your follow up calls and emails, these interactive materials are a must-have. If you still have the artwork of your original batch that has gone missing, we simply recreate the product for you. When the batch was never ordered in the first place, talk to our graphic artists to put together an attractive display that features your company’s name and logo as well as the marketing message you want to convey.

We Print Last Minute Trade Show Graphics in Charlotte, NC

Call us to get started on your order. It is never too late to talk to our graphic artists. We work with entrepreneurs who get a late start on their booth designs as well as those folks en route to a venue with a missing signage component. Our staff members understand that rush does not mean sub-par work; rather, we commit to providing you with the type of product that you will be proud to display. Whether you bring us your artwork with a month to spare or due in a few days, we can help. Call us today to get started.

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