Need Tenant Monument Signs in Charlotte NC?

In business since 1983, PSP Marketing serves the textile industry. When the company needed a monument sign for the property it owns, its management team contacted our graphic artists.

Tenant Monument Signs for Charlotte, NC, Properties

Since PSP allocates space to tenants on its property, the team requested a product that would allow these businesses to add their names to the display. We customized a design that consists of an innovative aluminum cabinet with four individual pan cabinets. Our artists offset them for a visually intriguing look. PSP claims the top panel for itself. Black lettering on gray polycarbonate creates an attractive look. The side of the cabinet is blue, which is one of the company’s colors. The bottom portion is black and ties together the appearance of the design.

From the High Tech to the Geometric: Monument Signs for Multiple Tenant Displays

Property managers rely on the presence of a highly visible monument sign to assist commercial tenants with foot traffic. In many cases, the presence of a modern signage solution is a draw for prospective tenants and customers alike. Our business clients appreciate the available customization options.

  • Integration with existing brick and mortar monuments. A base made from bricks, rebar or mortar easily accommodates a collection of tenant panels. Opt for a stack of panel boxes or decide on one lightbox cabinet. Another option is the installation of routed acrylic or HDU planks. Consider this option when you already have a monument on site.
  • Post and panel setups. The tried and true post and panel sign is ideal for the display of multiple tenant names and suite numbers. Government buildings frequently present this signage solution to outline the various departments housed in the facility. Decorative touches to the posts and panel shapes let you fit the product in with the character of the neighborhood. These are also great for wayfinding purposes.
  • Manual reader boards. A variation on the post and panel setup, the manual reader board usually displays four to five rows of space that the building management can fill with acrylic letters. Customize the shape of the board and install it between two posts for an innovative look.
  • Adaptable single tenant monuments. When only one company does business at the location, consider the use of a pre-shaped foam product. Versatile in shape and size, this marker allows for a perfect fit into any landscape. Add dimensional letters, a box cabinet or an aluminum board with a vinyl overlay for the company’s name and logo. If needed, you can later add a second panel or smaller display for an additional tenant.

Discussing Your Options with the Experts

The wide variety of shapes and sizes can frustrate the member of the management team charged with the order of a monument. Rather than guessing on the best look possible, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We work with you to find the ideal display location, which in turn helps you decide on the look of the product. When talking through your options related to tenant monument signs in Charlotte, NC, we also walk you through your facing options and help you choose a lit or unlit option. Contact us today to discuss your project and to get started on the design process.