Need Vehicle or Truck Lettering in Mint Hill NC?

In addition to designing, manufacturing, and installing fleet vehicle graphics and windshield decals, we also help the local business community market and brand companies with vehicle lettering or truck lettering in Mint Hill, NC. If you are still undecided whether this advertising product is right for you, consider the advantages of this promotional approach.

  • Always on. Your car, truck, or van advertises the business around the clock. Whether it is parked in front of a customer’s home or stored in the shop’s parking lot after hours, the lettering identifies the business.
  • Sized for the vehicle. Our experts ensure that the lettering harmonizes with the curves of the cars. Larger trucks need bigger lettering packages than smaller passenger vehicles.
  • Excellent for niche businesses. When your company’s line of work is not readily discernable from its name, consider the use of a lettering package not just to advertise the firm but also to highlight the services or products you provide.

Who Orders Vehicle Lettering?

The majority of our clients are small to mid-sized business owners who use one or more vehicles in the course of their daily work projects. Some are contractors while others rely on a van to make deliveries. We also handle fleet projects that might range from two to three trucks to ten or more box trucks, semis, or trailers. In short, every type of business can benefit from this advertising solution.

What Does Lettering Look Like?

It is a common misconception that each lettering project features block-style, black vinyl letters that spell out a corporate name. In fact, our graphic designers collaborate with clients to create visually attractive messages that allow a brand to shine through.

  • Colorful. Shealy commissioned van lettering that we placed on the upper third of the vehicle. It spells out the business’s name in blue, tall letters. Underneath, it gives a brief niche explanation in smaller black letters. A website address (in blue) rounds out the presentation.
  • Eye-catching. Look at the letters we did for ABS Insulating. Its box truck needed to show off a brand message, which we accomplished with white on white letters that we set off with a thick black edge, which also gives the appearance of a dimensional design. In combination with the graphics used, the lettering turns heads.
  • Contrasting. For the Rolling Rabbit, we manufactured white on red letters. For Greenfrog’s white truck, we opted for black vinyl instead. The goal is to offset the lettering in such a way that the consumer cannot help but notice it.
  • Ideal for windows, too. Woodie’s Auto Service had us treat their courtesy shuttles. The majority of the information we placed on the tinted side windows with white vinyl. We added some information to the vehicle’s body as well.

Buy Vehicle Lettering or Truck Lettering in Mint Hill, NC

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your ideas for a lettering project. Even if you are uncertain what type of appearance would look great on the vehicles you use, we can help. Our experts work with you to find the right look that perfectly encapsulates your brand message. Let’s get started on your lettering project today!