Next Up for Amelie’s French Bakery? Menu Boards!

Once again, The Sign Factory’s graphic artists had the opportunity to work with the friendly folks over at Amelie’s French Bakery. If you have kept an eye on our collaboration with this business, you already know that the eatery’s interior displays an eclectic combination of style elements that charm all who enter. This time around, the company needed menu boards for its pastries and other assorted delicacies.

Menu Board Signs for Bakeries in Charlotte, NC

It was clear from the onset that this business would not be satisfied with a standard menu display. To ensure clear legibility, we prepared digital print graphics that feature white on black colors. We surrounded these boards with vintage gold picture frames that fit perfectly into the overall atmosphere of the space. The frames now hang suspended above the counter, where guests make their selections before finding a seat.

Turning the Menu Board into an Ambiance Maker (with a little help from other signage products)

Creating the right mood inside your restaurant is no easy task. Restaurateurs routinely use decorative throws, window hangings, and knickknacks to create a vibe that brands the eatery. A closer look at Amélie’s French Bakery shows a textbook case for using signage in all the right ways to achieve this goal. It is clear that none of the signs commissioned by this business’ management team is left to chance. There is a deliberate plan that permeates each signage selection.

You can follow suit for your company’s success as well. Here is how:

  • Menu Boards. Do not treat your menu boards as afterthoughts. Rather, consider them pieces of wall art that must actively support the overall vibe of your eatery. Whether you mount them to surfboards or surround them with picture frames, make these boards count.
  • Window Graphics. Having glass panes in your restaurant is a big plus. These surfaces give you branding opportunities that call for the application of vinyl window graphics. Choose decorative displays that support your atmosphere or menu offerings.
  • Wall Wraps. One of the easiest ways to set the tone for any space is the installation of a wall wrap. This product may show off an iconic image, a product photo or artwork. Wraps have the power to achieve dramatic venue changes that no paintbrush or wallpaper can produce.

It is clear that the menu boards are integral players among the overall ambiance makers within a setting. For the successful creation of a cohesive look that appeals to consumers, other signage products must do their parts to enhance the look you are going for.

What Else Can You Do With Menu Boards?

Discuss your signage needs with our graphic artists. Digitally printed menu board signs for Charlotte, NC, eateries may just be the beginning of an interior space overhaul that could take your restaurant to the next level. Use them as focal points for guests in search of a new experience. Perhaps you need that one attention getter that draws the crowds. Mounted inside a space but visible through glass panes, these boards can reel in foot traffic. With so many options open to you, call us today to find out more.