Not Interested in Illumination? 3D Letter Building Signs in Indian Trail NC

The use of three-dimensional letters is a popular method for attracting the attention of the consumer. Because they stand out – quite literally – they create the type of display that succeeds in catching the eye of passersby and motorists alike. Frequently combined with specialty designs and mounting techniques, choosing 3D letter building signs in Indian Trail, NC, can be a great boost for your company’s name recognition and foot traffic. What do you need to know?

Metal Letters Bring Sophistication to Your Facade

By its very makeup, metal is one of the most durable materials you can choose. Not surprisingly, this fact has endeared the product to corporations in the financial and legal sectors, where company heads hope that clients will make the connection between the durability of the metal and the longevity of the firm. Choices include stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. Let the natural beauty of the metal shine through or paint the material in any color of the rainbow.

Acrylic Lettering is Chic, Stylish, and Hints at Creativity

Custom-cut acrylic letters present in any font that you envision. The material is paintable, which makes it ideal when you have a color palette already in mind. Sometimes, our clients like to combine vinyl wall graphics such as swirls or stripes with the lettering for an artistic look. If you find that the color selection you favor does not work well with the look of the façade, we can mount the 3D letters to an acrylic board that we paint in a different but mutually balancing tone.

Outdoor-rated Foam Brings Pizzazz with a Budget-friendly Price

When you want some zing in your outdoor signage, you cannot go wrong with foam. Due to its lightweight nature, it allows for impressive displays that sometimes exceed three inches of depth. Foam-made letters result in the type of signage solution that stands out so far that it forces the eye to take notice.

Our technicians can paint the material in any color that you envision. When your online presentation includes intricate geometric designs, we can imprint those onto a vinyl overlay that we then place on the foam. Another option is the installation of metal or acrylic laminate to bring in the qualities of these signage materials as well.

Buy 3D Letter Building Signs in Indian Trail, NC, and Pair them with Other Products

Discuss your planned non-lit building signage display with our graphic artists. Whether you already have a good idea of what you want to see or you are still open to suggestions, we can work with you to make your vision become a reality. If you already have other exterior signs on your property, we can adapt those to match your new building sign.

For example, we can switch out your monument sign’s facing with dimensional letters that look like a scaled down version of your building sign. This approach supports the formation of name recognition as well as brand awareness. Contact our graphic artists today to schedule your design consultation and find out more.