One Stop Guide to Cabinet Signs for Charlotte NC

Cabinet signs are a great marketing, branding and wayfinding setup rolled into one stand-alone sign. The knowledgeable signage makers at the Sign Factory get plenty of calls asking about these markers. So, we decided to put together a little guide to cabinet signs for Charlotte, NC, businesses. If you have additional questions, please be sure to call us!

Q: What is a cabinet sign?

A: Placed on the outside of your business, the cabinet is a frequently two-sided sign that features illumination as an internal component.

Q: What are the various options associated with these markers?

A: Cabinet signs are easy to customize. We can make illuminated or electric signs; we can manufacture single or double-faced makers, and we can create signs that are mounted to a building or a pole for the most noticeable display. Decide between center pole mounts, flush mounts or monument mounts (when such a structure is in place).

Q: Who orders this kind of signage?

A: Who doesn’t? Churches, schools, businesses and really anybody with a storefront has the opportunity to commission this type of exterior sign.

Q: Can we order a cabinet that is in the shape of our logo?

A: Yes, you can! We routinely customize the look of cabinet signs to suit the needs of our customers. While the standard marker generally follows a geometric shape, specialty designs are possible to create as well.

Q: What kinds of materials do you use?

A: We choose aluminum because of its superior durability. Aluminum is lightweight, which is a major factor when mounting the marker onto a pole. It does not rot and easily deals with sunshine and rainfall. Insects do not attack the material either. For the facing, we like to use acrylic facings or polycarbonate. Both materials are durable and allow us to display your company’s name and logo in vibrant colors.

Q: How is the marker lit up?

A: You may choose fluorescent lamps or LEDs. Both are known for their durability, bright illumination and low operating costs.

Q: I want a standard sign; what are your suggestions for the corners?

A: We have always been partial to radius edging. Nine-inch or six-inch measurements work well. If you choose a more customized appearance, you can specify the radius of the edges. For the customer who prefers a standard appearance, there is always the square look.

Q: How should this type of sign be attached for best results?

A: We usually like to come out for a site survey before committing to an answer to this question. You see, what works well for one location may be completely unsuited for another setting. For example, a beam mounting method reminds of the highway signs that are suspended above the road. This can be a great option when your property is set back from the road and surrounded by a fence. If you are close to the highway, attract attention with a center pole mount that lifts the marker high enough for motorists to notice. We can use corner brackets to mount the sign between existing poles or arrange for a plate mount if you already have an existing pole with a plate top.