Options for Commercial Real Estate Signs in Charlotte

Charlotte’s active commercial real estate market is not slowing down anytime soon. But to make the deals, you need to reel in the interested buyers first. If they do not see your listings, you might be missing out on a lucrative transaction. What are the commercial real estate signs in Charlotte, NC, that you simply cannot do without?

Post and Panel Signage Signals Commercial Developments

The quintessential commercial real estate sign is the three-sided post and panel setup. It features wood or vinyl posts and aluminum or wood panels. When you select wood, we use marine-grade paint to prevent unsightly weathering. The information most clients request is the name of the real estate office, contact details, and a bit of data on the property itself. Usually, this includes the square footage and any zoning details. You find these signage solutions at the entrances to construction sites and along highways.

A variation on the theme is the single post and panel sign. Frequently, these products are long-term displays that signal commercial developments before construction even begins. We like to use vinyl for the posts and panels because the material is durable and looks great against any backdrop. Since this sign offers the opportunity for a few decorative touches, our clients prefer to place them closer to the city or in the midst of downtown. The larger panel allows for the branding of a real estate office while also providing you with enough space to present the property’s details.

Aluminum Signs Address Onsite Commercial Real Estate Consumers

Communicate office or retail spaces with “For Lease” or “For Sale” signs. Another option is the display of a marker that reads, “Office Space Available.” We can use aluminum that we cover with imprinted vinyl for the advertisement. If you prefer, we can directly print onto the aluminum itself. This material has the advantage of being long-lasting, which provides you with years of repeated use.

Our clients report having excellent success by displaying multiple products on the property. Doing so provides you several opportunities to address onsite visitors who may be considering becoming tenants. Presentation options include post mounts and metal frames.

Combining Commercial Real Estate Signs in Charlotte, NC

Go for the gusto by combining multiple signage options on the property you are selling. For example, a single post and panel sign combines with an aluminum frame-mounted marker to address motorists as well as pedestrians. Additional signage options to consider include feather flags along the property’s boundaries and banners right above an existing building’s entrance. Since the goal is to catch the eye of the right buyer, a combination of products is highly likely to succeed.

Of course, you do have other signage options, too. Whether you want to try out A-frames, inflatable signage or similar attention-getters, we can help. Contact our professionals to discuss your signage needs and plan your presentation. We work with you to put together a winning layout that appeals to your targeted demographic and shows off the commercial property to its fullest advantage. Contact us today to get started on your project.