Options for Pylon Monument Signs in Charlotte NC

What sets apart pylon monument signs in Charlotte, NC, from monument signs that neighboring businesses install is the height. Pylons tend to tower over other signage products. Frequently, shopping center, office building, and business park management companies order these products to feature the names, logos, and business information for tenants at the various locations. But not each pylon follows the same design pattern. Some attract attention because they buck the post and panel trend in favor of something completely different.

Monolithic Presentations Feature a Slim Line Appeal

For a double-sided display, you cannot go wrong with a monolithic pylon design. It allows for built-in LED illumination if you like. We recommend this product when you want something in between a monument and a taller sign. It does not have to reach as high as some products but can stand taller than many monument setups. Typical depths vary between 14 inches and 18 inches, which provides for a sleek but not overwhelming addition to any landscaping. Because of the ease with which you can incorporate these signs into any commercial setting, more and more builders favor this design when readying newly built business venues for sale and leasing activities.

Square Pylons Add Cubes and Rectangles to a Setting

An eye-grabbing feature, square pylons are catching on in popularity simply because of their outstanding visuals. Sides typically measure 52 inches or 62 inches in width and about six feet in height. A pylon of this size requires anchors measuring about 36 inches in length. Choose from crisp edges or rounded designs. Shorter squares are another possibility that would appeal to stand-alone businesses or to management companies that seek to alert motorists to parking areas for specific tenants. The combination of low-to-the-ground cubes with larger square pylons for a multi-product appearance can create an amazing visual effect on your property.

Triangular Displays Allow for Three-sided Designs

It is fair to say that triangular pylons can be eye candy with the right decorative touches. For starters, you determine the sizing of the sides. Typical widths run from 48 inches to 60.5 inches. Heights vary as well. Characteristically, these are tallest of the pylons and measure between 84 inches and 90 inches in stature. When illuminated after dark, they create column-like displays that can give the illusion of lettering that floats after dark in mid-air. During the day, the unusual shape makes this signage solution suitable for placement near memorial installations or specialty landscape features such as fountains, seating areas, or post and panel wayfinding markers.

Ordering Unique Pylon Monument Signs in Charlotte, NC

Whether you are thinking of adding a standard monument or want to find out more about these pylon designs, we can help. The Sign Factory operates out of Charlotte, NC and serves the business communities throughout the metro region as well as the Carolinas. We also offer our design and manufacturing services to companies across the United States.

Call us today to discuss the design of a pylon monument that is sure to help your business stand out!