Pinot’s Palette In Charlotte Blossoms with Custom Signage!

Located at 2000 South Boulevard, Pinot’s Palette is an upscale painting studio where the artists also enjoy a glass of wine. The studio is situated in the trendy South End district. When it came time to add custom signage for the historic South End District of Charlotte, NC, owners Liz and Sandy contacted the Sign Factory for help.

They were very excited about the launch of their new business and about commissioning the new signage that goes with it. Developing sign options that would seamlessly integrate into the look of this older warehouse-style building was a bit of a challenge. That said, we were able to make it work. Granted, we had some constraints to work around, but the finished result is attractive and eye-catching.

LED Exterior Lighted Sign

We used a framed black aluminum baker panel and added white aluminum dimensional letters. Incorporating the logo and look from the company’s website, we created the type of LED light-up sign that markets and brands while assisting with wayfinding. This marker looks great against the brick building’s backdrop and matches the industrial-style design elements that you see on the façade.

Door Graphics and Lettering

Restaurant signage in Charlotte, NC, is not complete until you start the conversation with your customers via the glass panes of your door. Knowing this full well, the owners of Pinot’s Palette asked us to install lettering and graphics for both the front and rear entrance doors. The look we achieved fits in perfectly with this area of town but more importantly, it provides the information the owners wanted to convey. The graphics display the name and logo, the phone number, website address and social media icons for the various sites where the owners are actively engaging their customers in the dialog.

Interior Graphics

With a combination of cut vinyl letters and graphics decals designed for interior wall application, we helped complete the overall appearance of the space. Sandy and Liz were pleased with the outcome and look forward to their grand opening in mid-January.

Is Your Three-pronged Signage in Place?

The exterior marker, the window graphics and the interior decals are a three-pronged marketing approach that represents the ideal signage setup for a new business location. Is yours in place? Is it time to refurbish some of your markers? Have you been considering a re-branding of your name or products? Our skilled custom signage makers can help.

  • Update colors. If you already have a signage look in place, we can tweak the colors to be more in tune with modern tastes. The same is true for the typeface. Plenty of companies realize that a new generation of customers may not be responding as well to an older marketing message as the previous generation did.
  • Establish a franchise. You might just be opening up your first franchise location. With the logo and artwork already in place, you need someone who can quickly manufacture and install the signage according to the specification of the home office. We can help! When you forward us the artwork and dimensions, we can quickly put together your marker setup and outfit your venue.

Ready to boost your corporate brand?