Pioneer Eclipse Shows Off New Cabinet Monument Sign in Sparta NC

Located at 1 Eclipse Road, Amano Pioneer Eclipse is in the floor cleaning, care, and maintenance business. Featuring a full line of floor care machines and accessories, cleaning solutions for the janitorial trade, and green products that have eliminated known allergens, the company also brings almost four decades of experience to the table. When the time came to add a monument sign to its location, the management team contacted the pros at The Sign Factory for assistance.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing Cabinet Monument Signs in Sparta, NC

The monument marker is usually one of the first signage products a motorist sees when approaching a business. It fulfills a three-fold function.

1. Wayfinding assistance. To guide drivers to the parking lot’s entrance, the monument presents the company’s name in large letters. Doing so allows motorists to change lanes as needed. Remember that a driver who misses a turn may not be committed to the business but decide to buy a product somewhere else that is more convenient to reach.

2. Brand introduction. For the first-time visitor to a new store or service provider, the combination of fonts, colors, and logo style elements creates a memorable introduction to the firm’s brand message. It sets the tone for the experience the customer has at the venue.

3. Marketing information. Some companies choose to include an advertising message on their monuments. Examples might include wording snippets such as “home of the (insert product here)” or the highlighting of a professional affiliation. For Pioneer Eclipse, we noted the affiliation with the Amano group.

Contemporary Materials for a Forward-looking Business

When you have almost 40 years of experience in a trade, like Pioneer Eclipse, you understand that appealing to a contemporary demographic is a must for future success. As a result, the monument sign style chosen by the management team reflects a modern outlook on business with a combination of aluminum and acrylic materials. The sign itself is slender, stylish, and looks sleek with its glossy blue and white colors.

Dimensional letters and logo style elements present the message with an attractive three-dimensional appearance. At the same time, the use of an overlay allowed us to present the Amano Company information with a differing typeset. We installed the product in the landscape, where it greets drivers who are heading up the road to the company’s office. Because there is little else in the area to distract from its view, the sign is easy to see and heightens its visual appeal by differing from the green surroundings.

How to Buy Your Next Monument Sign

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your need for one or more monument signs in Sparta, NC. Plenty of companies with dual entrances choose to install multiple products to appeal to a larger audience. When you sit down with our experts, we look over any artwork and graphics that you already have. We gladly incorporate them in the design’s overall appearance. This is also a good time to talk through the choices of lit or unlit signage, tie-ins with other sign products you already have on-site or still need to add, and the reaction you seek to evoke with the product. In fact, if you contact us right now, we can get started on your monument sign’s design right away!