Recommended Uses for Etched Vinyl Privacy Film in Charlotte

If your conference room, exam room, or office resembles a fish bowl because of the glass panels that enclose it on one, two or even three sides, you are not alone. With the open office design that is currently a hot trend, more chrome and glass find their ways into the offices of financial firms, physicians, and any other type of business. Although this look adds plenty of pizzazz to your setting, it removes a good bit of privacy, too. With etched vinyl privacy film in Charlotte, NC, office settings, you can enjoy the pizzazz but not compromise on confidentiality.

When You Need a Wall rather than Glass: Full Pane Treatments

If there are several sensitive areas in your office where you would prefer to have a wall but face a transparent glass pane instead, we suggest frosted vinyl. This product gives your windows a look that makes it impossible to see in but does allow light to penetrate. The most folks on the outside will be able to make out are shadows. Dress up this appearance with etched images of your company’s name and logo. Another great option is the use of colorful logo graphics that we add to the frosted look.

Etched Vinyl Stripes Combine a Feeling of Privacy with Open Floor Plan Advantages

If your need for privacy is not so crucial that you want to obscure any view inside, the use of stripes makes sense. A tall strip with etched lines gives the illusion of presenting onlookers with two or three evenly spaced stripes. Another good option is the etched appearance that your company’s name and logo provide. Repeat it for the length of the glass panes, which adds a branding component to the presentation.

Artistic Expression without the High Cost

Some companies like the idea of artistically dressed up glass panes for their offices or storefronts. Unfortunately, there is a steep price tag when discussing the etching of glass with images such as flora, fauna, or even just geometric shapes. Vinyl privacy film offers the same appearance but costs only a fraction of what someone would charge to treat the glass. In fact, there is even the opportunity to introduce a focal color that completely changes the character of your office space. Select a color that represents your brand or opts for one that suits your setting’s atmosphere.

Buy Etched Vinyl Privacy Film in Charlotte, NC

Now that we have inspired you to switch out the temporary posters, which you have been hanging up on your office’s glass surfaces, for a professional appearance that adds a great look to the setting, contact us. Our graphic artists sketch out your vision of etched image displays and let you sneak a peek at the way these products would look on your office windows. When you are satisfied with the appearance, we manufacture the product and set up an appointment for our installers to put them up. They will do so without disrupting your employees or clients. From initial surface prep to final cleanup, our professionals ensure that they leave your office looking great. Contact us today to schedule your design appointment.