Reico Kitchen & Bath Brands with Reverse Lit Channel Letter Lobby Sign in Charlotte NC

The Reico Kitchen & Bath showroom is readying to open its doors at 214 West Tremont Avenue. Already, the management team has begun to put together the finishing touches on the interior. One of them was to contact our experts to order a reverse lit channel letter lobby sign in Charlotte, NC.

After we had consulted with our client, we put together an aluminum lettering sign that features a sophisticated, and custom brushed metal finish. Although it does not reflect the light as a polished surface would, the brushing does not prevent some reflection, which adds to the allure of the product. The bottom portion of the sign features push-through acrylic lettering with a blue overlay. When illuminated from behind, the light bathes the company’s name in a soft halo while emphasizing the blue tone of the “Kitchen & Bath” niche explanation.

Lit Lobby Signs are a Growing Trend

To say that Reico’s signage stands out in all the right ways would be an understatement. It wows visitors to the venue and perfectly sets the stage for the consumer who expects an upscale merchandise showroom and associated buying experience. Other business clients, too, are catching on to the popularity of illuminated lobby signs.

  • Channel letters. Take a page from the playbook of Reico and invest in a channel letter sign for your lobby. Although reverse-lit products are the ones most frequently requested, you could also opt for a standard front lit or the equally popular dual-lit presentation. Some company owners like for their lobby signs to mimic the channel letters on their facades – only in a scaled-down version, of course.
  • Electrical cabinets. Lightbox cabinets for interior use are not new. They are taking retailers by storm, where store owners use them to present images of desirable merchandise. Some also use them for co-branding opportunities. For a lobby sign, consider the presentation of a logo in the shape of an electrical cabinet. Finish the appearance with dimensional letters or channel letters.
  • Logo panels. For another twist on illumination, you have the option of installing an acrylic panel that we paint in your target hue. We hide colorful LEDs behind the panel. While we present your company’s name and logo via an overlay or dimensional letters, the light coming from behind the panel can add another part of your corporate color palette to the mix.

Discussing Illuminated Lobby Signage for Your Business

Whether you are interested in learning more about putting in a reverse lit channel letter lobby sign in Charlotte, NC, or you are not quite sure whether you can fit in this type of marker with your current setup at all, we can help. The Sign Factory experts serve the business communities in and around the Charlotte Metro Area, the Carolinas, and across the United States.

When you contact our experts, we work with you to draw up designs that are customized for your space. Call us today to find out how the addition of a lighted lobby sign can have a significant impact on your overall brand message communication!