Relationship Building Lobby Sign for Sugar Creek Construction / I-77 Mobility Partners

Located at 6135 Lakeview Road, I-77 Mobility Partners is a part of Cintra US. It is tasked with a 26-mile building project on the I-77 Express Lanes. Sugar Creek Construction is actually a joint venture that handles transportation infrastructure management. When this partnership needed reception area signs for construction companies in Charlotte, NC, the management team contacted the professionals at The Sign Factory.

Acrylic Lobby Signage

We used acrylic to create the signage that now identifies the two companies. Both names are spelled out and the logo of I-77 is part of the package. The combination of yellow and gray tones signals the relationship of the two companies while also repeating the look used on the website. The signage combination is a clever method of highlighting a professional association between two companies while nevertheless branding and marketing each business separately.

Selecting a Lobby Sign Combination

Whether you are sharing an office with another company, or are entering into a partnership with an existing business, combing signs do not have to be difficult. Usually, there are three different scenarios.

  • Names combine to form one new name.
  • A name is added to the existing name.
  • Two signs display individually on the same wall.

The latter is something you occasionally find in law firms and medical offices when multiple professionals share a space. It is far more common to find that a newcomer to a firm is added to the name. Combining the names calls for a bit of finesse. The same is true for adding on the second logo. When a business opts for this type of name display, our graphic artists work with the management staff to decide on a display that is visually well balanced.

Deciding on Material Options

When your signage combination results in the display of a larger than usual wall marker, it is a good idea to scale back the sign’s depth, which prevents it from overpowering the wall. Of course, if you have an exceptionally long wall, this is not a problem. Material selections abound.

Acrylic is a versatile material that allows for a broad range of color displays as well as logo depictions. Choose from matte or glossy finishes. Colors should represent those chosen for the partnership. If both companies continue to do business independently except for certain ventures, it is wise to keep their individual color schemes intact. Other material options include PVC, sign foam and metal.

Commissioning Relationship Building Lobby Signs

Contact our professionals to discuss the need for the display of one or more signs in your reception area. Whether you need lobby signs for construction firms in Charlotte, NC, or markers that brand other types of businesses, our professionals can help you to get the look just right. We work with you on the selection of the colors, finishes and materials. In addition, we take measurements of the wall and provide you with sketches that offer you multiple mounting options for the signage components. Contact us today to get started on your order.