Retractable Banner Stands for the Interior of Your Business!

The retractable banner stands Charlotte business owners know from trade show attendances actually have other uses, too. There is no need to let them collect dust in your storeroom when you are not actually planning to represent your company at an expo. Rather, use them inside for a wide variety of practical displays.

Using Retractable Banner Stands Beyond the Trade Show!

So, let’s dive right in and look at four unique ways to use these amazing signage products!

1. Lobby Displays

Banks and other financial institutions are famous for using retractable banner stands in their lobbies. Displaying financial product information, the banners educate customers about the various interest rates on savings products, the availability of new account types and the latest information about mortgages.

2. Product Displays

Retailers favor this approach. They place banner stands near certain products to give customers more insight on how to use the products and how to combine them with other goods. For example, the grocery store wine section is a premier display locale for many of these banners. They inform about wine pairings and give information on the different wines. Some of the displays also function as point-of-sale signage, which offers special deals to customers who buy two or more similar or complementing items.

3. Patient Education

Many a physician likes to use an interior banner stand for Charlotte practices. Patients are alerted to the need for certain vaccinations and receive information about diseases and illnesses that are currently affecting the area. These banners may also present information about the latest medical breakthroughs. Interested individuals can then take this information and discuss it in more detail with their doctors.

4. Wayfinding

In office buildings, the banners assist with wayfinding. Customized banners highlight the most commonly sought after destinations and identify them with arrows, room numbers and other directions that visitors require for an easy navigation of the premises.

There is little doubt that retractable banner stands do a lot more than simply providing colorful and informative backdrops at trade shows. The Sign Factory has manufactured countless banners for a wide variety of other business settings. Examples include auto parts stores, boutiques, spas and doctors’ offices. Other businesses that easily benefit from this signage product include hardware stores, public venues and companies located in sprawling office or professional building complexes.

Talk to our professional banner experts today for more information on this product and to get started on your order. We gladly visit you at your place of business to discuss the choice of colors you prefer, the message that you are looking to get out and also the placement of the banner that you are considering. We measure the space and help you to choose the right size, which of course also affects the sizing of the font and pictures. After preparing sketches that show you what the finished product would look like, we go to work on manufacturing the banner as soon as we get permission to proceed.

Setting up the retractable banner stands is quick and easy. We can do it at your convenience without disrupting your customers or clients. If you are considering the addition of secondary signage to support the message of your banners, we gladly discuss the advantages of hanging signs, window vinyl lettering and post-and-panel markers with you.