Retractable Banner Stands Have Many Uses in Charlotte NC!

It is a common misconception that retractable banner stands are one-trick ponies. Sure, they are the marketing tool of choice for tradeshows, but did you know that they can do much more than simply getting more foot traffic to your exhibit booth?

Office Advertising

Whether you are in the financial services industry or run a law firm, there is no shortage of application for retractable banner stands. Charlotte, NC, members of the business community have found them to be useful for advertising low mortgage rates, deep discounts, coming service options and enhanced venue hours and contact opportunities. While informational in nature, they nevertheless advertise services and products that visitors and customers may not have considered buying or at least inquiring about.

Patient Education

These markers are also finding favor with dentists, pediatricians and other healthcare providers. Acting as tools for patient education, they can feature posters and banners that explain the importance of flu shots, sports physicals and – for dentists in particular – the proper brushing and flossing techniques for children and adults.

Mall Marketing

Mall stores have a unique challenge: nearby competition. Whether it is the drugstore that faces competition from the large big box consumer goods store or the boutique that has to compete for business with the low-cost clothes offered at other venues, retractable banner stands offer a weapon in the arsenal of mall marketing that other store owners may have overlooked. Placed near the entrance of your store or just on the outside, you now have the chance of alerting consumers to the benefits of well-made clothing as opposed to mass-market produced pieces. This is also a great time to highlight special deals that the big box store may not be able to match.

Bank Marketing

Although you may be doing a lot of your banking online or via the ATM, there are those few occasions that you do visit the bank. Retractable banner stands are an ideal indoor marketing tool that not only advertises low-interest rates for mortgages and other products, but also one that starts the dialog with children on the merits of saving money. Combined with child-friendly savings accounts and giveaways, this has all the makings of an excellent publicity campaign.

There are, of course, plenty of other display options for your banner stands. They act as wayfinding markers in hotels and meeting venues when you hold a workshop, training session or company meeting. For service providers, they outline the limitations of an offer and get the fine print out of the way immediately. When you run a store that specializes in high-tech gadgets, you can create graphics and charts that show perfect product pairings complete with model numbers and in-store locations. This takes shopping to a whole new level!

When you are ready to get started on your retractable banner stand order, talk to the friendly folks at the Sign Factory. We gladly offer you some solid advice on uses, display options and storage details. Bring us your artwork and campaign materials or allow us to help you design a banner from scratch. By the way, did we mention that these marketing tools are also excellent in the trade show setting?

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