Sandblasted Signs for Your Business, Home or Beach House in Charlotte NC

Sandblasted signs for businesses are catching on. What used to be a novelty product for the resort with the swim-up bar, the beach house or the bed and breakfast business, is now becoming a sought after building marker for a broad range of niches include physicians’ offices and attorneys. What makes this product so popular?

High Tech Design with an Old World Look

Sandblasted signs call for expert design and handling. Sandblasting technology adapts to work on a small scale, which allows these beautiful signs to come about. We usually start with the graphic design the client approves. Next, we mask off the areas that need to stand out. The sandblasting process eats away at the material, which only leaves the masked off areas in place.

Depending on the sign material you select – we work with wood and high-density urethane (HDU) – we adapt our finishing process to include sanding, primer applications and painting. A final clear coat protects the paint and creates the telltale beautiful look. This is the kind of sign you would envision in turn of the last century European shopping areas.

Who Uses These Signs?

The best uses for sandblasted signs in Charlotte, NC, still include business purposes. Companies that are looking for visual means of setting themselves apart from the competition usually select this type of product. While one law firm might market and brand with a dimensional letter setup made of metal, another relies on the sandblasted look to instill confidence in prospective clients and show that there is somebody in the trade who is doing business differently.

Other businesses that frequently commission this type of product include retailers with an eye on an old-world connection, specialty retailers who want to emphasize the unique aspects of their products and establishments in the hospitality industry. In some settings, sandblasted signs are requirements. This is frequently the case with historic parts of town. Companies doing business in these areas are more likely to be required to stay away from standard channel letter signage. Opting for sandblasted markers instead helps them to stand out while preserving the overall look and feel of the area.

Personal Uses for Sandblasted Signs

Owners of private homes and beach houses in Charlotte, NC, also like to use this type of sign to add to the ambiance of their settings. Adding beauty to any structure, this type of product looks great on any home near Mountain Island Lake or the Catawba River. Families frequently commission this type of marker when a couple ties the knot and settles down in a beach house style property near one of these bodies of water. Of course, you do not have to live near the beach to appreciate the whimsical appeal of a sandblasted product that commemorates your ownership of a home.

The Sign Factory experts have plenty of experience with the creation of sandblasted signs. This experience is crucial for our technicians to create highly detailed and visually attractive products. In fact, we manufacture the types of signs that other sign makers outsource. Call us today to get started on the process.