SeiferFlatow Law Firm Welcomes with Post and Panel Sign and New Lobby Sign!

Lobby signs for law firms in Charlotte, NC, must have a professional look, a slightly avant-garde demeanor and present with a dignified style. Case in point is the customized office sign that we created for SeiferFlatow. Located at 2319 Crescent Avenue in Charlotte, this law firm specializes in personal injury, criminal defense and workers’ compensation casework. The offices are situated in a beautiful house that epitomizes the elegant architecture found in this part of the city. When it came time to add a lobby sign that exemplifies the dedication, professionalism and expertise of these attorneys, they contacted the Sign Factory.

Creating the Post and Panel Sign and Lobby Sign

We visited with the attorneys and immediately realized that the house’s atmosphere calls for a dignified sign with a bit of the old-world charm that makes the structure so attractive. Mounted with offsets, the brushed metal board holds metal lettering. This creates a striking three-dimensional effect. The name of the lawfirm and the logo are painted in muted ochre. The names of the principals – as well as the firm’s designation – are painted black. This creates an interesting sign that is very eye-catching but also professional.

But we were not yet done. To call attention to the business that is placed within the house, the attorneys needed the closest they could get to a monument marker without actually putting this type of signage into the yard. We showed them some of the post and panel signs for law firms in Charlotte, NC, that we had installed. They loved them! This type of marker now continues the dignified color and somewhat whimsical style of the black lantern that is in the yard, which also holds a fanciful house number sign. The information on the post and panel sign is succinct. The name of the law firm, the company’s niche and the phone number are featured. The backdrop is off-white, which beautifully contrasts from the black posts.

Extra Touches

For this law firm, we also fabricated door nameplates revealing the offices’ occupant. We made these in both brass and bronze. Both complement the lobby sign design, which is almost a must-do if one wants to be consistent in branding and style.

Need Signage for Your Law Office?

Does your business need a bit of a hand with excellent signage inside and out? If your company is placed in a mixed-zone neighborhood and you are operating out of a house – or if part of your home is dedicated as an office where you welcome customers or clients – it is crucial that you have tasteful signage in place. Finding you in a mostly residential neighborhood is difficult for the would-be customer who does not know what to look for. At the same time, the common channel letter and lightbox cabinet markers are not suitable for this type of setting. This is where the post and panel option makes a huge difference.

Created to match the lobby sign. Whether you already have a lobby sign or still need one, we can create both markers to feature identical displays. This provides visual continuity.

Suited for any neighborhood. Due to the versatility of the designs, these markers are at home in industrial areas, residential neighborhoods as well as anything in between.

Easy on the budget. Less expensive than monument signs, these markers are nevertheless available in a wide variety of sizes as well as lighting options. If you need a monument sign but cannot allocate a budget for it, consider the post and panel alternative instead.