Shealy Electrical Wholesales Shines with New Building and Lobby Sign!

Located at 1515 South Clarkson Street in Charlotte, Shealy Electrical Wholesalers has partnered with a broad range of manufacturers to allow professionals to undertake – and successfully complete – even the most demanding projects. When it came time to add the types of exterior building and interior lobby signs Charlotte, NC, business customers would notice, the company’s management team contacted the Sign Factory for assistance.

An Interior/Exterior Signage Package

The idea of commissioning an interior and exterior marker at the same time is not new. Yet it is a practice that offers great rewards. For starters, it ensures a perfect color match as well as the opportunity to begin a conversation with consumers on the exterior of the venue that continues on when they walk into the building itself. In addition, this combination of crucial exterior and interior signage ensures that the stage is set for assistive markers in the future.

For Shealy Electrical Wholesalers, we created colorful dimensional letters that display the vibrant blue online shoppers are already familiar with. Combined with the company’s iconic logo, name recognition is now a snap. Wayfinding, too, is easy for consumers in search of the company. The durability of the material ensures that both signage components will last for a long time and fulfill their functions without fail. The customized blue of the signage perfectly complements the other blue style elements that are already on the walls where we installed the markers.

Adding Future Signage

With this signage framework in place, what are the options open to a company that elects to focus first on the primary exterior and interior signage products?

  • Window graphics. Support the exterior building sign’s marketing message with the help of window graphics. These graphics may be colorful or focus primarily on the color of your existing signage. Choose from seasonal messages, specialty event announcements or simply highlight the availability of new products.
  • Point of sale markers. These signage products suggest pairings or offer special deals with the purchase of certain products. With your storefront signage already in place, choosing the right colors and sizes to draw attention to these signs is a snap.
  • A-frames. The A-frame is a great way of attracting foot traffic. With your exterior building sign selected and installed, choose the same colors when advertising the business with the A-frame. Place it into the foot traffic in front of your storefront for a maximum effect.

Getting the Most out of Your Signage Products

Choosing the harmonizing interior and exterior building signs Charlotte, NC, business owners commission for their venues makes a lot of sense. Not only is this approach visually pleasing, but it also allows for the intentional creation of an effective marketing solution that grabs consumers’ eyes and reinforces brand awareness.

Contact our professionals today for more information on these signage products and to learn more about the process of commissioning signage packages with future additions in mind. We work with you on the creation of a long-term signage plan that serves your company well today, tomorrow and in a few years from now. Whether you need one marker or more, we are your one-stop signage shop.