Signs and Graphics Brand Worldwide Financial Firm in Charlotte NC

Brown Brothers Harriman is an international banking advisor and investment management firm. Situated locally at 227 West Trade Street in Suite 2100, this company sought for ways to enhance its brand appeal and beautify its space at the same time. The company’s management team contacted the professionals at The Sign Factory for assistance.

Signs and Graphics for Financial Firms in Charlotte, NC

We met with the company’s representatives to discuss the signage options they were considering. After taking copious notes and translating them into sketches, we received approval for the creation of a set of images that now beautifies the offices of the business with strong branding and marketing messages.

Digital print graphics on metal. Our graphic artists designed to print images that we produced directly on brushed aluminum panels. They present in black and white for an unusual contrast display on the metal. The images depict locomotives and ships. They mount to the wall with small standoffs.

Lobby artwork. We created double layer acrylic squares that display 18 city images where the company operates offices. These images printed directly to the substrate’s surface. We mounted the squares to the walls with three-quarter-inch standoffs. They now create a visually attractive artwork collection around a cubicle station.

Canvas Print. Companies like the use of canvas prints to present historical images to clients. In this case, we created a collage of the business’s name abbreviation and graphics related to its history. We mounted the digitally imprinted canvas with a museum-quality stretch frame. Finally, we installed it in a conference room.

Wall graphic. Visible from the cubicles, we treated one wall with a graphic that is a reproduction of the company’s very first letter of credit issued to a customer.

Window graphics. We continued the presentation of the historical imagery with custom-printed vinyl graphics that we installed on the glass conference room walls.

The Secret to Branding with Artwork

Executed to perfection by the management team of Brown Brothers Harriman, the use of artwork for branding has plenty of appeal and merit. When your company has the privilege of drawing from a long record of accomplishments, this longevity and success become part of your brand. Expressing it with artwork makes sense. Not only does this display give you an opportunity to dress up any sapce, but it also creates a professional impression of your overall environment.

We have worked with plenty of business clients who have commissioned combinations of signs and graphics. For financial firms in Charlotte, NC, the reliance on historical documents makes sense. The same applies to images depicting bygone eras during which the company grew. For manufacturers, displays could include three-dimensional signage reproductions of old building markers.

Consider also the creation of educational wall art that features machine parts or any other item involved in the manufacture of your products. Foam is an excellent material to use in this setting. Accompanied by etched metal plaques with explanations, you would succeed in educating visitors to your location while setting the tone for commercial interactions.

If we have inspired you to tell the story of your company with a variety of signs and graphics, contact our experts to start discussing the project.