Signs and Graphics for Retailers at the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte

Located at 4400 Sharon Road, the SouthPark Mall is a collection of upscale stores that appeal to consumers with tastes for the finer things in life. Hermes, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and American Girl are just some of the brands represented in this setting. Selecting the right signs and graphics for retailers in this niche is crucial when it comes to preserving the ambiance of the location and drawing in shoppers at the same time. What are some of your options?

It Starts on the Exterior of the Storefront

Channel letters and dimensional letter signs are favorite products of store operators in this setting. For starters, this signage product allows for the display of iconic fonts and colors that consumers have begun to associate with the stores in question. In addition, the choice of lighting setups makes channel letters quite popular. Select from the standard front-lit approach or opt for the sophisticated back-lit version that bathes the signage in a halo of light.

The dimensional letter display is a favorite of those who value the three-dimensional look of a signage design. Mount these letters directly to the façade or let them stand up on an overhang. Although it is possible to manufacture these letters with light sources, it is just as easy to illuminate them with already installed façade spotlights. Select from a wide variety of looks, colors and appearances. Add a logo cutout or accentuate your logo with a stand-alone lightbox cabinet.

Moving on to the Signs that Grab the Eye of the Consumer Closer to the Entrance

No selection of SouthPark Mall retailer signs and graphics would be complete without mentioning window graphics. Use them to catch the eye of the consumer who is hurrying past your storefront. Although intent – perhaps – on doing business elsewhere, a well-placed and properly sized graphic has the power to stop shoppers in their tracks. Follow up the visual interest with window vinyl lettering that explains a special sales event, the arrival of a new product shipment or the availability of a much sought-after product.

A-frames effectively slow down the foot traffic in front of your store. Made from sturdy plastic materials, you have the opportunity to engage the consumer with short and quick messages that are of interest to a potential buyer. Examples include sale notices, buy-one-get-one-free offers and similar deals that provide savings opportunities to the shopper who is ready to make a purchase today. When you combine the window graphics with the A-frames, you effectively slow down traffic in front of your store and generate enough interest in your products that you might notice a serious increase in foot traffic.

Commissioning Signs and Graphics for Retailers Today

When you are ready to enhance the visual appeal of your storefront, contact the professionals at the Sign Factory. We work with you to explore your options and properly brand and market the business. We incorporate the artwork that you already have on file. If you are not sure that you want to go with these graphics, we gladly design your signage from scratch. Call us today to get started.