Smart Signs to Advertise Your New Business Before it Opens!

Are you moving from your garage into a storefront? Are you expanding your business to open a new location across town? Are you the latest franchise of a nationally renowned business? Perhaps you have a great idea for a company and are now working on bringing your service or product to the public. Before you ever throw open your doors, you need the right signs to advertise your new business in Charlotte, NC. What are your options?

“Coming Soon” Banners

Right now, your storefront is a mess of open walls and smelly paint. On the outside, you nevertheless have a pristine façade to work with. This is the right time to display “coming soon” banners. They give the name of your business, present a logo and offer a little snippet of the type of company that will open at this location. If you already have a firm grand opening date, display it on this marker. Otherwise, simply add on this information later. The best time to display this signage product is now.

“Coming Soon” Sidewalk Signs and A-frames

These are excellent signage solutions for a company that is getting ready to open within a week or two. By placing the highly visible obstruction into the flow of foot traffic, you generate amplified interest in your coming business. In addition, you signal that there is now an imminent update about an opening date. Use the “coming soon” sidewalk signage to advertise some of your products or services that you may have previously omitted from your signage. Adding a QR (quick response) code for the sign is another great idea. It directs your customers to a specialized page of your website where they may find special opening day offers.

Vehicle Graphics

Parking a fully treated vehicle in front of your storefront is always a good idea. It draws attention from motorists and pedestrians alike. Full or partial wraps, vehicle vinyl lettering and graphics as well as perforated vinyl window sheets for the rear windows turn your car, truck or van into a mobile marketing solution. In addition to drawing attention to your storefront, you have the opportunity of acquainting consumers with your company simply by driving through the neighborhoods. Generate a buzz and create name recognition as well as brand awareness.

Yard Signs

These are cheap advertising ideas for your new business in Charlotte, NC. Yard signs should be double-sided for maximum exposure of your advertising message. Include your company’s name, logo, colors and contact information. Make sure to display some niche-specific information. These yard signs would look great in your yard and those of neighbors who want to see you do well in your business. Other great locations for these markers are the landscaped strips in parking lots and medians.

Getting Started

The Sign Factory professionals know that you need smart and budget-friendly signage solutions to advertise your new business before it opens. We look forward to sitting down for your client consultation and talking through the various signage options that create the buzz you need to have a well-attended grand opening celebration. We can also help you with the signage you need to turn shoppers into customers. Call us today to get started.