Smart Tips for Choosing Business Signs in Charlotte NC

The Sign Factory experts frequently talk with entrepreneurs who are opening their first storefronts. Signage is the one product that they have a difficult time wrapping their minds around. This is due, in part, to the fact that laws govern the installation of some signage products while they set the tone for the design of others. We can help. In fact, once you learn how to choose business signs in Charlotte, NC, you will find that the process is actually far more intuitive than you might have imagined at first.

It Is All About the Conversation

Signage is a conversation between you and the consumer. It gets attention, makes promises and provides information. What do you want consumers to know about your business?

  • Name and logo displays. You want consumers to know the name of your business, which includes the logo. This translates into building and lobby signage.
  • Information. Moreover, you want folks to know your hours of operation and what products you sell or services you offer. Common signage applications for this information include window graphics, banners and point of purchase signs.
  • Wayfinding. Consumers do not like to guess. They want to know where to find the departments they are looking for and how to get there. Wayfinding signage comes in the form of suite signs, pylons, directories and similar products. In this setting, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has put some rules in place that we can help you to follow.
  • Marketing and Branding. Finally, your conversation turns to sales and an invitation to buy. Posters, floor graphics and similar signage products communicate this portion of the conversation to the consumer.

Material Selections Bespeak your Niche

Accountants choose different sign materials than pediatricians. One favors metal such as aluminum while the other may opt for colorful acrylic instead. That said, there is no hard and fast rule with respect to material selections. Our experts work with your company’s representatives to discern what works best for you. Additional material options include PVC, sign foam, metal plaques and routed wood.

Putting it All Together

Now that you know how to choose business signs in Charlotte, NC, make the whole process easy simply by calling our graphic artists. We visit your location and take an inventory of the signs that are missing in a venue occupied by a business in your niche. We recommend materials that fit into your building and into your area. In addition, we work with the zoning requirements of your area and already know what materials and sizes are not going to receive approval.

Next, we apply for approval from your building’s management company and fill out all the permitting paperwork for the city. Once we have the paperwork in hand, we manufacture and install your exterior signage. Finally, we manufacture and install your interior markers as well. In this setting, we pay close attention to meet the requirements of the ADA. Call our graphic artists today to get started on your order.