Southpark Periodontics Boosts Brand with Custom Lobby Sign!

When you need expert periodontics and implant dentistry in and around Charlotte, you know that Southpark Periodontics is the professional to visit. Located at 6719 Fairview Road, South Park Periodontics & Implant Dentistry recently contacted the Sign Factory to boost its brand with a customized lobby sign for the office.

Lobby Signs for Dentists in Charlotte, NC

Professionals in the dentistry niche require signage products that inspire confidence in their clients. Since there is hardly ever a patient who looks forward to having teeth worked on, highlighting the professionalism of the business is a must. Branding it, too, is of vital importance for the professional who relies on referrals.

For this reason, we suggested to the clinic’s management team the use of dimensional letters that provide the mounting wall with an attractive three-dimensional effect. The lettering and logo display feature a matte finish, which looks great when the light shines on the marker. The colors are muted blue tones and silver, which creates an impressive appearance that looks sophisticated in the office.

How to Choose Your Look

We usually recommend that you copy the appearance of your logo and business name from your website. This is frequently the look that consumers are familiar with. When you want to make adjustments, we gladly sit down with you to work up a design. Several style elements factor into this discussion.

  • Logo display. How do you want your logo to look in your reception area? Do you want it to dominate the space? Do you want it to play a supporting role in the display of your company’s name? On the other hand, do you want it to be on equal footing with the lettering?
  • Color choices. Businesses usually have a set grouping of business colors. They are frequently customized. In some cases, companies start their re-branding processes with the lobby sign. If you are considering a change in the look, we work with you to tweak the logo’s design and the choice of colors as well as the font selection for the lettering.
  • Finishes. A matte finish is usually a good choice. Yet there are times when a high gloss finish makes a wall pop. This could be the case for a boutique or other retail environment. Occasionally, clients have opted for a mix of matte and glossy finishes, which adds an interesting depth to the lobby marker.
  • Materials. Acrylic, PVC, metal and foam are just some of the materials you might select for your marker. By the way, the foam is a great material for enhancing the three-dimensional aspects of the marker while the application of acrylic or metallic laminates then brings the sophisticated look to the table.

Getting Help

Our graphic artists are well versed with the setup of reception area signs for dental offices in Charlotte, NC. We also handle the signage needs for a broad range of other business niches. Contact us today for more information on the process of designing an expert branding product that makes your company stand out and gets across the message of your choice.