Specialty Signage

What do you call the signage solution that simply does not fit neatly into any other category? The answer is simple: specialty signage! We frequently get requests for these types of signs that are unique but most importantly, what you’re looking for!

Members of the local business community realize that combining multiple sign options on the exterior or interior can market and brand much better than merely relying on one type of marker.

Here are some examples of our most popular products.

Aluminum, Steel, Acrylic

Interior, Exterior, Illuminated?

When you want to integrate a particular theme, product line or branding attract attention, wind flags can accomplish this task – and more. Customized to put on view your logo and company name, these displays may be alternated with photos of your latest product offerings or logos of companies that you represent.

Aluminum, Steel, Acrylic

Delight your clients with multiple custom-printed backdrops to choose from. Themed or generic, these high-resolution prints are sure to become a major draw for your booth.
Floor Mats
See your company’s name and logo displayed on a floor mat. These are suitable for car dealerships to use in vehicles but also for businesses that use the full-sized versions to keep dirt and rain water off the floors.

There are plenty of additional signage options The Sign Factory can create for you. Thinking outside the box is one of our specialties! We proudly serve the Charlotte Metro area and business communities throughout the Carolinas and across North America. Call us today for more information.

Enhance your branding and stand out from your competition
with a custom speciality signs.