Sports and Sponsorship Banners for Athletic Teams in Charlotte!

The Charlotte business community is famous for rallying around local sports teams. Whether it is at the school or club level, these corporate sponsors gladly help a team in return for an opportunity to advertise the company. Sports team and sponsorship banners for Charlotte, NC, are the display options of choice. How can you make them work for your needs?

Sports Team Banners

The name, logo and colors of the team are the eye-catching style elements of this banner. Sponsor names are usually smaller and displayed either on each side of the team information or below it. These are the types of banners that teams take on the road and hang in sports arenas as the visiting team. For corporate sponsors, a second banner is easy to make and then display either at a retail location or in an office. Doing so drives home the point that you are helping the team and ensures you plenty of business from dedicated fans.

Scoreboard Banners

Long-term sponsors usually like to commission aluminum scoreboard covers that display the team’s name and mascot at the top, and the company’s logo and name at the bottom. For short-term sponsors, or in situations where the order of an aluminum board is temporarily on hold, a scoreboard banner achievers the same goal. With the team’s information already on the board, the sponsor’s information goes onto the banner, which we can then place underneath the board.

Stadium Banners

Within a stadium setting, the use of banners makes sense. Mounted to fencing, walls and similar surfaces, the team and sponsor information display together. Co-branding in this manner ensures that consumers, fans and athletes connect the names of the sponsor and the team. This results in brand awareness among stadium-goers. It also allows a company to have an extra set of banners printed for use in an office. Stadium banners are ideal when there are multiple sponsors of a high school team or facility. Schools with athletic program sponsorship backing prefer this display method to give all businesses equal display opportunities.

Ordering Sports Team and Sponsorship Banners for Charlotte, NC, Venues

The Sign Factory graphic artists usually collaborate with sponsors and school administrators when creating banners that will be displayed at schools. When working with local non-profit organizations, we incorporate the signage style elements of the organization as well as of the corporate sponsors. Team signage that features sponsorship style elements is usually ordered by the club and then approved by the sponsors.

Our professionals know how to streamline the process, which results in quick turnaround times. We work with the artwork that the various groups already have on file, or we can create something new from scratch. We design sketches that show banner displays for at-home and on-the-road displays, which make it easy for both teams and sponsors to envision the final appearance of the signage. Once all parties agree to the designs, we manufacture and install the finished product as needed. When you prefer to simply take receipt of the signage and install it yourself, we provide you with the items you need to make it look great. Call us today to get started on your order.