The Chilly Weather Is the Perfect Time to Attend to ADA Interior Office Signs in Charlotte

Interior wayfinding signs for Charlotte retailers and service providers revolutionize the way that your consumers experience your business. When provided with clear directions to sought-after amenities, clients feel more at ease in your office. Moreover, when you couple Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance with functionality and beauty, you have a win-win signage product solution for your venue. If the cold winter weather is causing a bit of a lull in your business, take this time to refurbish your interior signage.

What Are Your Interior Sign Options?

Restroom markers. When you offer handicapped-accessible bathrooms, say so on your restroom marker. If you offer baby-changing stations, it is a good idea to also let folks know about it. This is not just for the convenience of your clients. Rather, it portrays your company as a truly caring business that is forward thinking about the needs of those visiting its venues.

Number your rooms and hang a sign. Whether it is the broom closet, conference room or bathroom, assign an internal number to the location. By labeling each room, customers visiting your company’s offices will not accidentally walk into a closet, which is always an embarrassing moment but manage their visit with dignity. This is a bigger deal than you may be aware of. By nature, folks are fearful of looking out of place and doing something embarrassing when others are watching.

Evacuation Map. Numbering your rooms has another advantage: an accurate evacuation map. This map should be near the exits, stairs and elevators. By having numbered rooms, it is easy for your clients and employees to find their way to the nearest emergency exit simply by finding their location in relation to the rooms they are close to.

Overhead exit and entrance signs. Doctors’ offices, in particular, can be confusing places. With corners, curves and examination rooms lined along multiple corridors, it is always a good idea to have overhead signs at the ends of each corridor that highlight the way to the waiting room, exit or clinic entrance.

Courtesy signs. Do you offer certain amenities to your clients that are designed to entertain them while they wait for their appointed time? Examples include complimentary WiFi, a waiting room television or access to a snack bar. Small signs explain usage restrictions, list passwords and offer instructions for appropriate use. Although most venues these days are smoke-free, it is always a good idea to install a no-smoking sign inside your office.

Staying ADA Complaint Is Essential!

There are plenty of other interior ADA signs for Charlotte businesses to consider. While the markers that we mentioned apply to virtually all companies that welcome clients into their offices, there are some markers that would be germane only to your business setup or niche. The friendly interior office sign specialists at the Sign Factory routinely work with company representatives to put together the right marker selection for their foyers and offices. In addition to providing enhanced wayfinding, you spruce up the visual appeal of your office as well. Call us today for more information on these products and to get started on your order.