The Importance of Using One Sign Company for All Your Signage Needs in Charlotte NC

When buying parts for your car, you know that shopping around for cost differences can help you save quite a bit of money. When pricing construction materials, it makes sense to contact different suppliers. Yet when commissioning signage for your business, it pays to choose one sign company in Charlotte, NC, for all your signage needs.

Quality Tells the Full Story

Signage is an investment in your company’s marketing and branding message. Doing business with a company that “gets” your vision is a crucial element for success. There are plenty of good graphic artists out there, but only a few truly great ones. Once you find one of these, it makes sense to stick with the business. Yet there are other reasons, too.

  • Exact color matches. What may be brick red to one shop is arroyo red to another. Still another term it red rock. Avoid the slight shade differences that come with the misclassifications. Doing business with one shop ensures a perfect color match every time.
  • Saved proofs and logos. We routinely digitally save the projects that you bring to us. A year from now, you may need another lobby sign for your new location or a second post and panel setup for the expansion store you opened. We can pull up your information and manufacture an identical product. With someone else, you have to start from scratch.
  • Lower setup fees. Plenty of shops advertise specials but by the time you are done paying setup fees, you really do not come out ahead. In fact, working with the same professionals can even reduce design costs because of the proofs we already have on file.

Great for all Products

Present your customers with a harmonizing signage assortment that displays each color and font identically. Whether you need exterior or interior signs, even the smallest variation in a banner or point of purchase sign is noticeable. You frequently see this with interior signage. Trying to beat a deadline, manager-commission signs from someone advertising quick turnarounds. The resulting products are not of the same quality as the other signs in the store. As a result, they jar the visual appeal of the whole setup.

In contrast, commissioning signage suites from one shop results in an excellent display that flows. The Sign Factory experts recently did signage for Amelia’s Bakery, which needed standard signs and vehicle graphics. The 34 Below Nightclub called us to do interior and exterior signage. The same is true for the Escape Hour. All these businesses now reap the benefits of perfectly matched sign products that appeal to consumers, reel in foot traffic and begin a conversation with shoppers.

Talk to Our Graphic Artists

From exterior to interior signs to vehicle wraps, and everything in between, it makes sense to choose one sign company in Charlotte, NC, for all your signage needs. Learn more about the benefits associated with building a professional relationship with one shop by talking to our graphic artists. Those who had to previously fix or redo work done by others know first hand that you save time and money by working with an excellent shop on all your signage products.