The Natural Marketplace Shines with Illuminated Channel Letters!

Located at 8206 Providence Road, The Natural Marketplace caters to the consumer who has had enough of unhealthy processed foods. If you are in search of nutritional supplements that elevate your health to a new level or want healthy food that is not laden with sodium, gluten and fat, this is the place to go. When it came time to add one of the popular illuminated channel letter signs for Charlotte, NC, stores, the company’s management team contacted the Sign Factory.

We visited the location and added channel letters with green acrylic fronts. This color perfectly suits the brick exterior and the green awnings off to the side. During the day, the green color offers a beautiful emerald display. At night, the illumination makes the location stand out. Branding and marketing the location is now a snap at any time of day or night. What about your store’s signage? While we manufacture plenty of grocery store channel letter signs for Charlotte, NC, businesses, we also supply them for other types of companies. Whether you run a restaurant, a boutique, a discount store or a grocery store, we can help you be seen with effective channel lettering.

  • A font is adjusted with your company’s name in mind. Show us your already existing artwork, letterheads and similar print information. You probably have already chosen a specific font that represents the way your company’s name is displayed. We can transfer this font to the look of your channel letter marker.
  • Optional lightbox cabinet for your logo. Many a company would like us to add the logo, which they have had designed, to their exterior signage look. We achieve this by installing a separate lightbox cabinet sign. Choose from any shape or have us adjust the shape to mimic the one chosen for your logo. This type of marker also lights up in the dark, which makes it a great complement to your channel letter signage.
  • Different lighting options. The most commonly ordered signs are front-lit. This means that an internal light source shines through the acrylic fronts. Yet some business owners want a halo effect for their markers. This is frequently the case with chic restaurants and clothing stores. In this case, we manufacture aluminum lettering that is closed in the front but open in the back. As the light sources turn on, the light shines through the back and haloes the letters. Depending on the type of offset mounting you choose, the effect may be dramatic or muted.

If the wealth of signage choices is confusing, do not worry. We gladly sit down with you to discuss the various channel letter options that could be right for your business. After visiting your location and also evaluating your artwork, we draft some sketches that help you to visualize the look of the finished marker. Let us know that we have captured the image you had in your mind! If we need to make some adjustments, now is a good time to highlight areas where you want to see changes in the design. Before long, your marker is ready for manufacture and subsequent installation!