The Promenade on Providence Lands Great Wayfinding Signs in Charlotte!

Do you know what consumers find irritating in malls and anywhere else that merchants have banded together to provide easy access to products and services? The answer is simple: insufficient wayfinding signs. For shopping centers in Charlotte, this means that shoppers are looking for easy navigation between different levels and among the stores themselves. When there are shops situated on the outside, folks do not want to guess where to go next. They want easy-to-read markers that point them in the right direction.

The Promenade on Providence is a prime example of a venue that has gone to great lengths to do it right. When they contacted the Sign Factory for a consultation, we visited and suggested a variety of suitable wayfinding signs for malls in Charlotte. The management team chose the post and panel option. A close look at the signage reveals that the individual stores are clearly marked with their full names. In addition, there is an alphabetical listing as well as a map on the signs. Color-coding on the posts makes it easy for shoppers to orient. The shops and eateries themselves display store signage above the entryways or hanging signage that juts out and can easily be read by pedestrians and motorists alike.

Shopping Center Wayfinding Signs a Must-Do!

Wayfinding in this setting is a snap. In fact, we agree that this is one of the most user-friendly signage setups that we have recently seen. The navigation is so easy that it is almost intuitive. Satisfaction among shoppers is easily seen by the leisurely pace that they are setting while visiting a variety of venues at the location. Is this something that you would like to do for your outdoor mall? In fact, this setup is also quite popular with school campuses and medical office complexes. The easier it is for the consumer to navigate to the various avenues and corridors, the more likely it is that this person will become a repeat customer.

Post and panel markers are almost always the right solutions. They allow for branding of the venue and provide a lot of display space that you can use for wayfinding functions. The unique construction details of some models also allow for the optional attachment of rider bars. These add information to the sign that could be of interest to customers or clients who are looking for specific information. For example, a mall could use these riders to alert shoppers of extended holiday hours. In a medical office setting, the riders might signal the addition of a new service provider or the recent move of a clinic to a different location.

Let Us Help with Your Shopping Center Directional Signs!

As with all other types of wayfinding signage solutions, the goal is to bring clarity to a location where the setup of the venue might be confusing. Some of our business clients have found it useful to supplement post and panel signage with hanging signs, retractable banner stands – on the inside – or aluminum signage that is mounted to the walls. This further enhances the ability of a visitor to find his or her way around the location without assistance. We understand that this sounds like a tall order. Give our friendly wayfinding signage experts a call today to discuss your setting’s unique signage needs.