The Use of Acrylic Letters in Charlotte Can Produce a Stunning Lobby Sign

You’ll find South Park Periodontics & Implant Surgery at 6719 Fairview Road. The friendly professionals at this venue offer a variety of services such as periodontal maintenance, bone grafting, oral cancer exams and cosmetic periodontal surgery. When the office’s management team decided to check on the possibility of displaying acrylic letter lobby signs in Charlotte, NC, its representative contacted our experts for assistance.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing an Eye-catching Marker

During our consultation with the client, we discussed the use of a custom paint match that would suit other signage and print ads the company uses. We designed, manufactured and installed an acrylic letter and logo lobby sign using the quarter-inch-thick material. Our graphic artists remained faithful to the chosen website display of this information. Rather than using gray tones for the logo portion, however, we relied on the appearance of brushed aluminum, which perfectly suits the soft gray backdrop of the wall.

Our technicians installed the lettering directly to the surface. Perhaps the greatest challenge during the installation was the perfect spacing of the letters and logo elements, which was a must for the proper display of the sign. Of course, our installers handled this challenge with aplomb. The finished lobby sign looks stunning and perfectly brands the dental office.

Using Dimensional Letters to Stand Out and Wow

After looking at the finished product installed at the office of South Park Periodontics & Implant Surgery, there is little doubt that dimensional letters are an ideal signage solution for any lobby. How can you make these products stand out so that they become indelibly tied to your brand? There are four easy tricks.

1. 3D displays. The depths of three-dimensional displays impress clients. Foam is a favorite material in this situation. It allows for the creation of letters that feature thicknesses of three to five inches, which – with the right illumination – presents the opportunity for fantastic shadow plays. We can apply acrylic or metal laminates to the letter fronts to enhance the wow factor further.

2. Metal usage. Metal opens the door to brass and bronze, as well as stainless steel or brushed aluminum, setups. This material subconsciously signals the steadfast nature of your business and implies that you intend to be here for many years or decades to come. For a unique look, consider the use of artificially aged brass or bronze.

3. Custom colors and finishes. We like to use acrylic when applying custom colors. The material allows for the creation of flat-cut letters that bring out the beauty of the paint’s finish without equal. Choose from high-gloss, eggshell or matte displays. Mixing and matching finishes in the same lobby sign is a good option.

4. Illumination. Did you know that it is possible to install LEDs with your dimensional letters? Something as simple as a colored accent light surrounding the logo portion can completely change the impression your signage makes.

If we have inspired you to consider using acrylic letters for lobby signs in Charlotte, NC, contact our graphic artists for more information.