Things to Know Before Choosing Electronic Message Boards in Charlotte

Imagine having the opportunity to entice hungry guests to visit your restaurant by advertising the fresh catch of the day. Alternatively, a mortgage banker would have the opportunity to urge prospective clients to refinance their homes by displaying dropping mortgage rates. The possibilities are truly endless. When you consider the purchase of electronic message boards in Charlotte, NC, you can place your business on the cutting edge of niche-specific sales and offers, which may make the difference between reeling in foot traffic and getting lost among competitors.

Before You Buy: Signage Specs

Electronic message boards can be small enough to fit into your window or so large that they call attention to your business at the top of a pylon. Our clients typically commission box cabinet building signs that include a branded frame with the business’ name and logo that then features the message board. Choose from single colors, such as red against a black background, or multi-color displays that present eye-catching images and text.

What Can This Signage Solution Do for Your Company?

For starters, your sign provides more than a mere static display of a message. It offers you the opportunity to expose consumers repeatedly to your message in a variety of ways. Some include lettering; others may be images, or you might combine the two for best results.

  • Advertise products. Let prospective clients know about insurance rates, low loan fees, zero-down financing, the arrival of the new model year vehicles, and anything else that is of interest to your targeted demographic. Schools like to rely on these signage options because it helps with boosting enrollment figures.
  • Issue a call to action. Every manager who has ever taken a basic marketing course knows that the call to action is a powerful tool for advertisers. Although you might think that the typical action you want the consumer to undertake is a product purchase, remember that driving traffic to your company’s website or getting email newsletter signups can be just as profitable in the long run.
  • Familiarize passersby with your brand. If quirkiness is part of your brand, you have an excellent opportunity to show it off with electronic message boards. While a typical building sign may hint at it, this product lets you express it in a number of different ways. When customers feel comfortable with what you stand for, the conversion from shopper to a buyer is a lot easier to make.

Buying LED Message Boards in Charlotte, NC

Contact our graphic artists to learn more about the wealth of marketing and branding opportunities these signage solutions offer to commercial enterprises. We help you decide on the number of signs you want to commission, the sizes that will be the most suitable for your venue, and the color choices that help your messages stand out. During our consultation, we also discuss the installation method for your sign and the training for the folks whom you entrust with the operation of the board. The key to successful marketing with quick-change signage is the presentation of new content on a regular basis. Contact us today to set up an appointment!