Tips for a Creative Lobby for a Business with a Lobby Sign

Making a lasting impression starts at the front door. This makes the lobby or reception area of a business important. A lobby serves as your first real interaction with a customer other than the exterior signs that indicated your location. Making a great impression on customers and clients when they walk in can be as simple as the right preparations ahead of time and a few creative thoughts.

Make a Great Impression with your Lobby

Starting with a big impression and following it up with good design can be the best way to make a great impression. Starting with the smaller details can lead to an easier time setting up but will also make customers feel as though your company cares about the smaller things.

  • Branded Sweets. Giving out something sweet will put a smile on their faces. Putting your brand on the label will keep your company in their mind.
  • Branded Pens. In the same vein, giving away a pen will keep your logo in their minds. Most people primarily use pens from a company they have gone to, which creates a longer advertisement.
  • Smile. Friendliness goes a long way. If a customer felt greeted and as though the receptionist cared about their experience, they will leave with a better feeling than if the receptionist was standoffish.
  • Highlight Charity Work. It doesn’t have to be a big part of the overall design, but having charity related accolades leaves a positive impression.
  • Lighting. If possible, having natural lighting, or lighting that resembles it, makes the space feel more airy and open.
  • Plants. Having big, bold plants makes a statement while also adding life in a more literal sense. It also shows your company takes care of things.
  • Furniture. While there is a lot of trendy furniture on the market, finding durable furniture will be a better investment and will look as though you keep up on things, even if you don’t.
  • Refreshments. Be sure to offer water and tea to keep everyone hydrated and refreshed.
  • Art. Even a small painting can make an impact. It adds color and shows creativity.
  • Lobby Sign. A good lobby sign goes a long way. It will give a sophisticated look to your lobby and highlight the most important thing: your company.

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