Tips for Restaurant Electronic Message Centers in the Carolinas

Electronic Message Centers are excellent advertising choices for restaurants in the Carolinas. The Carolinas have a great variety of restaurants that attract locals as well as tourists.

Electronic message centers are a creative way for your dining establishment to stand out above your competitors and to make those passing by aware of messages that you want to share with them.

Since these messages centers are capable of storing and displaying various formats and images, you can share your messages in creative ways mirroring the image that your restaurant wants to project.

Advertisements on these centers can be programmed to show for various lengths of time which give you flexibility in the types of messages you wish to display.

Electronic Message Centers allow you to modify your messages as frequently as you want to without the additional cost of replacing physical signs, letters, or any cost of labor modifying your sign.

You can also program these message centers to change automatically different times of the day to customize day and evening messages which can be suitable for dining establishments that offer both breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With all of these options to customer your restaurant’s electronic center, you have great flexibility to create the look and messages that you want to convey. But, how do you decide what you are going to display on your message center? Here are some tips for you:

First figure what is your goal of having an electronic business center for your dining establishment. Do you want the following?

  • Want customers to enter your restaurant now?
  • Want people to come back to your restaurant on a specific date for an event?
  • Want to share a new dish that your chef personally created?
  • Want people to follow you on social media?
  • Want people to check out your website?
  • Want to offer a new service like catering?
  • Want to share your hours?
  • Want to share a special discount for students, locals or seniors?
  • Want to let others know that you are involved in helping your Carolina community in some way?
  • Want to announce an award that you won?
  • or is there another message you want to convey?

Once you figure out the message that you desire to share, then comes the creative end of how to word this message and design this message.

Brand identity and a professional appearance are important for your reputation. So keep your logo colors and style consistent with your logo. This consistency will be triggered in the memory, of those that pass by frequently, making connections that will subconsciously encourage them to stop in and try your food and to return again and again.

Along with the above tip, here are some tips to make your message stand out on your message center:

  • Select colors that are high in contrast because they draw attention to the eyes.
  • Evade white backgrounds because they tend to overpower the viewers or the audience.
  • Fancy fonts may look attractive on the baby shower and wedding invitations, but they have no place on electronic message centers are they are more difficult to read. Choose fonts that are easy to read.
  • Remember that people are passing by and usually on have a few seconds to read your advertisement on your message center. Therefore, be sure to keep messages brief and easy to read.
  • As a good proofing procedure, test variations of your ad on your sign.

To learn more about how electronic message centers can benefit your Carolina restaurant and tips of making it most effective, we are here and happy to help you! Stop in and visit us at 9123 Monroe Road, Suite 125 in Charlotte, NC or give us a call at 704-321-0400.

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